Differences between closed-loop stepping motor and open-loop stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-03
What is the difference between closed-loop stepping motor and open-loop stepping motor? Closed-loop control is a basic concept of cybernetics. It refers to a control relationship in which the output of the controlled device returns to the input terminal as the control in a certain way and exerts a control influence on the input terminal. The closed-loop control of stepping motor adopts position feedback and (OR) Speed feedback to determine the phase conversion suitable for rotor position can greatly improve the performance of stepping motor. In a closed-loop controlled stepping motor system, the working speed range can be expanded when tracking and feedback are provided with a given accuracy, or the tracking and positioning accuracy can be improved at a given speed, or the limit speed index and limit accuracy index can be obtained. Advantages of closed-loop stepping motor: a. With the increase of output torque, the speed of both decreases in nonlinear form, but closed-loop control improves moment-frequency characteristics. B, closed-loop control, the output power/torque curve can be improved, because under the closed loop, the motor excitation conversion is based on rotor position information, and the current value is determined by the motor load, therefore, even in the low speed range, the current can be fully converted into torque. C, closed-loop control, efficiency-torque curve increased. D, closed-loop control can obtain higher running speed, more stable and smoother rotating speed than open-loop control. E, using closed-loop control, the stepping motor can be accelerated and decelerated automatically and effectively. F. The quantitative evaluation of the improvement of the speed of closed-loop control over open-loop control can be obtained by comparing the time interval through a certain path in Step IV: g. The efficiency can be increased to 7 by applying closed-loop drive. 8 times, the output power can be increased to 3. 3 times, the speed can be increased to 3. 6 times. The performance of closed-loop driven stepping motor is better than that of open-loop driven stepping motor in all aspects. Closed-loop drive of stepping motor has the advantages of open-loop drive of stepping motor and DC brushless servo motor. Therefore, closed-loop controlled stepping motors will be widely used in position control systems with high reliability requirements. What is the difference between open loop and closed loop of stepping motor? 1. It is good to let the other party execute the open-loop control content. No feedback. Closed-loop control requires the other party to perform and report to you. There must be feedback. 2. Whether it works on the current control. Open-loop control is generally a control activity completed in an instant. Closed-loop control will last for a certain period of time, which can be judged. Label: stepping motor, closed-loop stepping motor Related reading: matters needing attention in connecting stepping motor to stepping motor driver, explanation of operation mode of control system of closed-loop stepping motor
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