Development prospect of stepping motor driver industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
The development prospect of motor driver industry, soft starter, servo controller, stepping driver and brushless DC motor controller can be commonly called motor driver (MotorDrives). According to the application points, people divide the motor drives into practical motor drives and common motor drives. Practical motor drives are not used for certain types of applications, can be widely used in CNC lathes, weaving factories, bags, color printing, meat products and other types of machine. The key to the manufacturer of utility motor drives is the Japanese manufacturers Konka, Sanling, Yaskawa, Fuji and Shengang. This utility motor driver has a large sales volume, a wide range of applications and good practicability, the usage rate is high in the city. Most of China's motor drive manufacturers are also key to the market for practical motor drives, such as Delta, Yingwei Teng, sine, Yi Neng and Mai Xin. Commonly used stepping motor control of China international manufacturers have Kollmorgen (Danaher) , Lenze, BoschRexroth and Elmo, this kind of enterprise's motor driver is more specific and suitable for some sub-sectors and applications. The local symbolic manufacturers of commonly used controllers include Huichuan, Donghai Huateng and mcgmet. This kind of enterprises have a long history with huawei and have a deep relationship with huaweidna. They focus on the target market and attach importance to research and development through disruptive innovation, the company's corporate culture is full of wolves. Simens, ABB, Schneider and other large enterprises in Oumei have a wide range of products, so common controllers and practical controllers often enter. Zhou Wanmu, a high-tech analyst at IHS, stressed that the commonly used motor driver depends on the stronger rotation of the practical motor driver market and becomes the shining point of the motor driver market. The obvious applications are: motor Drivers for battery cars and urban tracks, motor drivers for pumping units, common controllers for escalators and all-in-one escalator machines, common controllers for plastic machines and their common controllers for air compressors, pumps and axial fans. Compact, efficient, wide-speed traction motor and its control technology are the cardiovascular of battery cars. At this stage, the key is permanent magnet brushless (Including AC and communication) Stepping motor control and communication asynchronous motor controller are two solutions. At present, the key to the urban track is the asynchronous motor of communication and induction, while the key to most pure electric vehicles is the permanent magnet brushless DC motor or permanent magnet brushless AC motor. The motor driver in the battery car has two key functions: first, the electromagnetic energy of the battery should be converted into the chemical energy of the motor, and the rotation distance and speed should be controlled, the second is to feed back unnecessary energy caused by deceleration and store it in the battery. Recently, the TeslaModelS pure electric vehicle, which is quite popular, is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and a copper stator quadrupole phase voltage to communicate with an asynchronous motor. IHS analyst Zhou Wanmu thinks that there are two key reasons. Technically speaking, induction motors and permanent magnet motors have their respective advantages and disadvantages, but communication induction motors are simple and reliable, efficiency can be maintained over a wide rate range. From the perspective of the market, the interval between the sale of goods and the sale rate will also be used as a key measurement index. It is more convenient to extend the original communication induction motor layout of TeslaRoadster. R42 digital two-phase stepping driver TAG stepping motor driver
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