Development of closed loop stepping motor in electromechanical industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
The development of closed-loop stepping motors in the electromechanical industry and the development of stepping motors in recent years are well known to us. With the rapid development of Mechatronics in recent years, it also drives the rapid development of some of its components. Closed-loop stepping motor is a relatively fast mechanical and electrical component in the electromechanical industry, and is also a product widely used in the whole industry, moreover, stepping motors are divided into three types: permanent magnet type, reactive type and hybrid type. As the skills become more and more advanced, stepping motors have been trying their best to innovate and change, such as hybrid screw stepping motor, Hybrid Stepping Motor, DC brushless motor, DC brushless driver, linear stepping motor, linear actuator and screw stepping motor are all popular products in the electromechanical industry recently. The birth of these products also represents a new milestone for stepping motors. With the beginning of all products, stepping motors are becoming more and more intelligent. The competition in the mall is becoming more and more fierce, and the needs of customers are becoming more and more diverse and demanding. The form of producing a single motor product is now difficult to meet the needs of shopping malls. The future of motors must be systematic, integrated and integrated. Under such a set of shopping malls, the signal axis electromechanical provides customers with an integrated stepping motor for driving and controlling, which integrates stepping driver, motor and encoder, the combination of drive and control is small and precise, and users do not need to assemble drive and control separately, thus greatly saving users' time and resources and providing convenience for users. There is also an integrated stepping servo motor with closed-loop control and encoder function. Because closed-loop control is selected, one of its main features is that it will not lose step. Moreover, it is understood that there is no product in the market with a stepper motor with closed-loop control and thrust control. The speed and interval of the motor can be adjusted through the control panel, compared with the traditional Servo cylinder, it can be operated more easily with higher precision and has a promising application prospect in the field of industrial automation. Related reading: the advantages of closed-loop stepping motor over servo motor, the advantages of deceleration stepping motor highlight TAG stepping, motor, closed-loop, electromechanical, industry development
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