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Details On Auto Tuning


When the inverter runs in vector control mode, it is highly dependent on accurate motor parameters, which is one of the important differences with V/F control mode.To ensure good driving performance and operating efficiency of the inverter, the accurate parameters of the controlled motor can be obtained by three methods: static self-tuning (P9.15=1), rotary self-tuning (P9.15=2) and known parameters of the motor is input by hand .

The first step: completely detach the motor from the load (it is recommended to detach the load) under the condition of complete power failure of the equipment, so that the motor can rotate freely without load.

The second step: after power on, restore all parameters of the frequency inverter to the factory set value (this step is not required).

The third step: "P0.12 maximum output voltage (motor rated voltage), P0.15 basic operating frequency (motor rated frequency), P9.01 motor pole number, P9.02 motor rated speed, P9.03 motor rated power and P9.04 motor rated current" are the basic parameters of the motor, which must be set correctly according to the actual parameters of the nameplate of the controlled motor.

The fourth step: self-tuning on start parameters, please ensure that the motor is in a static state. P9.15=2 select the self-setting mode of rotation parameters and press the RUN key on the operation panel to display "-At-". At this time, the frequency inverter will drive the motor acceleration and deceleration operation, operators should pay attention to safety, tuning operation about 1 minute. After dynamic tuning, the frequency inverter will automatically calculate the key parameters of the motor (P9.05 ~ P9.14).

   1.If there is a over-current and over-voltage fault in the self-setting process, the acceleration and deceleration time P0.08 and P0.09 can be appropriately extended.
   2.If the frequency inverter and motor power do not match, please select static self-setting. After setting, it is necessary to manually change the no-load current P9.05 to about 40% of the rated     current P9.04 in motor.
   3.The value of magnetic saturation coefficient in P9.10 ~ P9.14 is automatically set in the self-setting time without user setting.
   4.Static parameters are self-tuning. Press the "run" button to automatically measure motor parameters P9.06 ~ P9.08.
   5.Key motor parameters that affect the operation control of the inverter are determined by performing self-tuning on parameters. These motor parameters will be automatically saved in the inverter after completing the self-tuning process until the next input parameter or self-tuning on parameter again.
   6.If the motor can be off the load, it can choose to self-tuning on rotate, otherwise only static self-tuning.

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