Delixi inverter at 2014 China international industrial equipment fair

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
2014 China international industrial equipment exhibition by the Chinese mechanical engineering society and the China association for the promotion of international trade, henan industrial economic association and jointly organized by sea of exhibition group. After seven years of development and innovation, through the marketization, specialization, the brand operation, has gradually become the central region of the most professional industrial equipment industry event, is important window to the central industry and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation platform. Delixi inverter products production base is located in hangzhou. This exhibition with the regional manager by central China regional office together with application engineer to attend. During the exhibition launched the latest research and development of the E series high-performance vector frequency converter, its optimized closed-loop vector control, open loop vector control and V/F control many kinds of control mode, performance is more stable, more feature-rich, application is more flexible. Including E180 series can also achieve closed-loop vector control, drag the synchronous motor, realize various extensions, can use liquid crystal Chinese keyboard. The other on the basis of normal product technology, provides three menu display mode can be easily switch; Internal directly provides two long timer; Configured with a logic programming of PLC; Five time delay relay function; Built-in 1 four-way computing module; Parameters can be custom functions such as backup, greatly enriched the field application of compatibility, and saving the cost of customer of peripheral devices. E series frequency converter can be widely used in the speed control accuracy and response speed, low frequency torque output torque has higher requirements of the occasion. This exhibition attracted zhengzhou machinery manufacturing park; Luoyang machine tool processing zone; Xinxiang crane zone; And industrial control automation companies in sectors such as customers, clients to delixi showed great interest in new products and new products are consulting technical characteristics, application circumstance and new installations, office staff do the detailed answers. Through this exhibition publicity, to make them more awareness of delixi inverter, soft start of new products, further improve the product visibility. Delixi inverter products as hangzhou delixi group co. , LTD. , one of the high-tech products, is more and more users to provide more cost-effective products, more excellent service.
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