DC servo motor commutation

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-04
DC servo motor commutation when the DC servo motor rotates, when the armature winding element enters the other road from one span through the brush, the current direction in the element changes, we call the change of the current direction in the component commutation. The commutation process takes a very short time, and the current direction changes in a very short time. In addition, the commutation component itself has inductance, therefore, the generated self-inductance electromotive force is very large, and sparks are generated on the surface of the brush and commutator. The most effective way to improve the commutation of DC Servo Motor is to install a commutation pole, but it must be noted: 1. The magnetic circuit of the commutation pole should be unsaturated. 2. The reversing winding must be connected in series with the armature winding. 3. Correctly select the reversing polarity. For the motor, the polarity of the reversing pole should be opposite to the next main polarity that turns along the armature, while the generator should be the same. Servo Motor, in addition, brush should be reasonably selected, and the contact resistance between brush and commutator surface should be as large as possible, and brush wear resistance should be better. Electrochemical graphite brushes are generally used in DC motors, metal Shi Cui brushes are generally used in low-voltage and high-current motors, and split brushes are used for servo motors with particularly difficult commutation. Servo motor drive Wire's small print also known as 1, ground wire please try to 'with coarse wire Press 3rd grounding standard the little grounding style the ground wire if Motor and machine tool between is in insulation state, please ground the motor. 2, signal line, encoder input line please use shielded wire. Wiring length: signal line length from NC to AC servo driver < 3 M, input line length from AC driver to encoder <20 M. 3. To prevent misoperation caused by interference pulse, please adopt the following measures :(1) Please pay attention to the terminal connection of analog input signal cable. (2) High-voltage cables are wired more than apart from signal cables, and should not be in the same distribution slot. (3) If the servo driver uses the same power supply as the electric welding machine and the electrical discharge processing equipment, or although it does not use the same power supply, but there is high frequency interference equipment nearby, please use insulated isolation transformer with power filter and other measures. 4. After the wiring is completed, check all the wiring to confirm whether the plug terminals are too open, whether the welding terminals and crimping terminals are in good condition, whether the screws are tightened, and whether the connectors are connected correctly, in particular, check whether the polarity of the motor and encoder is correctly connected. TAG motor, DC, servo, commutation
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