DC brushless motors for manufacturing applications (BLDC motor)

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-04
The DC brushless motor uses electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation to convert direct current into alternating current. One end of the armature winding of the brush DC motor is connected to the commutator, while the transistors of the brushless DC motor are arranged in a specific structure that applies pulses to the coil, resulting in the rotation of the magnet. Thanks to this and other advantages of DC brushless motors, they are very suitable for motion control, positioning and actuation systems. Customized DC brushless motor manufacturers will manufacture equipment for linear motors, servo motors, CNC machine tool feed drivers, extruder drive motors and industrial robots with actuators. The advantages of DC brushless motor are high precision, high efficiency and stability of the magnet in the rotor, controllable torque and torque are higher than those in the high speed range, due to no friction and electrical loss, the service life is longer and the maintenance is convenient, because there is no brush and mechanical commutator, there is almost no need for maintenance, high power size ratio, high acceleration and deceleration capability, and electromagnetic interference is reduced, because there is no ionization spike generated by brush, silent operation, provide small size, can be used in compact places, keep cool and better heat dissipation, precision of DC brushless motor in industrial positioning and linear drive system, Brushless Servo motor is the key component in assembly robot, tools and parts can be accurately positioned in the manufacturing process. When used for linear motors with linear motion without transmission system, the response speed of the equipment is faster and the accuracy is higher. The motor has a slotted stator with magnetic teeth and a moving actuator. The magnetic poles of the stator are placed in the direction of travel. BLDC linear servo motor consists of motion actuator with coil winding and permanent magnet and slotted stator with magnetic teeth. The linear motion is caused by the coil winding of the motor controller exciting the actuator, which causes magnetic field interaction. In linear drive and industrial positioning systems, DC brushless motors also have the advantages of no hysteresis, mechanical connection or pitch periodic errors. Custom DC brushless motors are used in motion control systems. Due to their compact nature, brushless DC motors play an effective role in spindle drives, fans, pumps and applications that require adjustable or variable speed. In order to provide variable speed response, the brushless motor in the motion control system has an electromechanical system, which has a rotor position feedback sensor and an electronic motion controller. In manufacturing applications, motors are easy to automate for remote control and have good torque-related speed response. Customized DC brushless motors are also designed to have good thermal characteristics. When used in servo motors for precise motion control, positioning or displacement, brushless DC motors use a closed-loop control system, so the motion is stable and controllable. Different from the Brush DC stepping motor in the servo motor with open-loop control, the brushless motor in the closed-loop control system will not generate torque ripple. Even if the motor parameters or load inertia change, this characteristic can improve the accuracy and ensure stable and reliable operation and dynamic response. Example of DC brushless motor application, Aerospace: motors designed by brushless DC motor manufacturers can withstand high impact loads and up to 200The extreme temperature of C. They are also ideal for sensitive applications. Compared with nitro or gasoline engines, DC brushless motors produce more torque and have higher peak RPM. In the space environment, NASA prefers brushless DC motors instead of Brush Motors because of their reliability, efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference. Electric vehicles: when BLDC motors are used in electric and hybrid vehicles, they can improve efficiency because they can operate under a unified power factor. Brushless motors make rotor cooling easier and generate less rotor heat. The response speed of the motor is very fast, and its components may have a fully integrated drive solution. HVAC (HVAC) As manufacturers recognize the energy efficiency they provide, the development trend of brushless DC motors in the HVAC industry is increasingly obvious. Because motors require less maintenance and longer service life than brush motors, they can reduce costs associated with energy consumption and HVAC maintenance. Shenzhen ruite specializes in designing and manufacturing customized DC brushless motors for sensitive manufacturing applications. Our rich catalogue of motor products, more than 10 years of experience, expert team and business covering more than 20 countries and regions have made us a reliable source of motor machine accessories. Contact ruite now to find out which DC brushless motor is most suitable for your manufacturing application. Tag dc brushless motor BLDC motor
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