DBS series encoder--'High Fever' popular products

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-25
DBS series encoder is one of SICK's best-selling product series in the world and has laid a solid application Foundation in motor drive, packaging and printing, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Since its launch, it has undergone continuous improvement and innovation. At present, this series covers DBS36/50 and DBS60 incremental rotary encoders and DBV50 measuring wheel encoder systems. DBS series has rich functions, stable quality, high cost performance and complete accessories, which fully meet the needs of customers in the domestic market. The compact and flexible DBS36/50 new generation DBS36/50 series incremental encoder is widely used in various encoder application fields with its smart design and excellent quality. Even in harsh environments, DBS36/50 series encoders perform equally well-- This benefits from her high standard of mechanical and electrical stability. In particular, the design of double bearings and the shell of aluminum alloy are particularly dazzling in products of the same grade. Complete accessories enable this series of encoders to meet almost all application requirements. The robust and flexible DBS60 DBS60 is an incremental encoder with a housing diameter of 58mm. It is equipped with rich flange and shaft types, and hollow shaft is equipped with insulating shaft sleeve to improve reliability. The outgoing mode includes direct outgoing of universal cable, radial M23 and M12 plugs, and easy installation. The adoption of the world-famous SKF bearing is enough to show its sincerity, and the wide spacing between the double bearings greatly ensures the service life. Flexible electrical interface design: in addition to the standard TTL and HTL interfaces, it is also configured with a common interface (The voltage range is 4. 5 V to 30 V) , TTL/HTL, HTL can be automatically adapted, so that the encoder integrates 5 v ttl and 24 v htl interfaces. Flexible and simple installation of measuring wheel encoder DBV50 DBV50 Core is a measuring wheel encoder system for measuring linear motion, it consists of a DBS50 incremental rotary encoder, an aluminum measuring wheel with a circumference of 200mm and a mechanical arm preloaded by a spring. DBV50 Core provides a variety of electrical interfaces, connection methods and resolutions, with a maximum resolution of 0. 08mm/pulse is very suitable for measuring position, speed and distance in linear motion applications. Application of DBS series products
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