Daunju Youshang group launches advanced pulse frequency modulation (PFM)Controller

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-28
December 21, 2017, a leading distributor of semiconductor components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market--- Dayuan Holdings announced that its friends still launched ON Semiconductor (Original Fairchild)An advanced pulse frequency modulation (PFM)Controller--- FAN7688, used to provide the industry's best isolated DC/DC converter efficiency, includes synchronous rectification function (SR)LLC resonant converter. Illustration 1-The pulse frequency modulation (PFM) Controller FAN7688 system architecture diagram FAN7688 is used for synchronous rectification (SR) Advanced pulse frequency modulation of LLC resonant converter (PFM) Controller to provide the best efficiency for isolated DC/DC converters. It adopts current mode control technology in charge control, in which triangular waveforms from oscillators are combined with integrated switching current information to determine the switching frequency. This provides better control of the power stage to the output transfer function, simplifying the feedback loop design while allowing a monotonic rise in the output voltage. Double Edge tracking Adaptive dead time control minimizes body diode conduction time, thus maximizing efficiency. Scheme application ● desktop ATX, server, telecom power supply; ●, Intelligent 100W ~ 2KW offline power supply; ●, Efficient isolation DC/DC converter; ● Large screen display power supply; ●, Industrial power. Illustration 2-The pulse frequency modulation (PFM) Controller FAN7688 display board Photo system function ●, PFM Controller on the secondary side of LLC resonant converter controlled by synchronous rectifier; ●, Charging current control to obtain better transient response and easy feedback loop design; ● Adaptive synchronous rectification control with bilateral edge tracking; ● Dead cycle soft start; ●, Working bandwidth (39KHZ ~ 690 KHZ); ● Green function can improve light load efficiency; ● With automatic restart function (OCP, OSP, NON-ZVS, OLP and OTP); ●, Programmable dead time of primary side switch and secondary side synchronous rectifier; ● 9Vdd undervoltage lockout; ●, Wide operating temperature range-40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃. Scheme characteristics ● Current Mode control solution can obtain better ripple noise loop response; ● Since Fo will adapt to the induction area, the operation of the anti-capacitance area can prevent MOS damage; ● Dead cycle soft start can prevent power failure when the power supply is turned on in the soft cycle; ● Pfm pwm Burst control can achieve better efficiency when there is no load, light load or full load; ● Bilateral tracking adaptive SR control solution can obtain good efficiency and applicable all MOSFET.
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