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by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
OFweek industrial control network: in the first half of this year, the eu adopted a phased out the new regulations, fluoride gas is commonly referred to as new F - GAS laws and regulations, to replace the old version released in 2006. Many danfoss partners, including outside the European Union's friends are very focused on long-term effects of this law, to danfoss consulting solutions to cope. As headquartered in European Union countries of the world's leading refrigeration components and solutions provider, danfoss support environmental protection and the alternative refrigerants, and is ready to cope with changes in the new regulations, to assist industry partners to achieve security transition. The new regulations? According to the new F - GAS laws and regulations, by the year 2030, fluorinated greenhouse gases, Fluorinated greenhouse gases) Emissions to 79% reduction in today's level. The new regulations aimed at high global warming ozeme depletion potential ( GWP) HFC ( HFCs) Looking for alternatives, is the global high GWP value of refrigerant solution issue response action, its issued and implemented is industry, lawmakers and non-governmental organisations (ngos), NGO) The final result of the common efforts of all the stakeholders. New F - GAS regulations will come into effect on January 1, 2015, because it will greatly change the face of the refrigeration industry, so the high attention by the industry. What is the effect of new eu rules for us? Eu eliminate fluoride gas new regulations will be the expected cost lower technology have a significant impact, especially for those who can bring better economic benefits and application are required to reduce emissions, emissions technology development will be more quickly. Nowadays, large amount of co2 refrigerant used in supermarkets filling food retail refrigeration system. Hydrocarbons applied in household refrigerator to residential air conditioning and small commercial refrigeration equipment such as filling quantity of small refrigeration system. In fact, the thermodynamic properties of hydrocarbons with HFC refrigerants, element selection also changed, as well as energy efficiency. Carbon dioxide technology breakthrough for the development of refrigeration industry brought a lot of surprise, also gradually overturned & other; From the point of the thermodynamics of carbon dioxide is not suitable for as a refrigerant & throughout; Such a stereotype. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, good the thermal physical properties just as a refrigerant performance excellence. In some applications, the carbon dioxide with heat recovery function, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce heating costs. Companies involved in exports to the eu should know fluoride gas new laws and regulations, especially for its ban on schedule and definition. Not all the ban will give a clear definition, ban for years, although most of the industry can expect the market to quickly response. Regulations into actual market what will happen after the solution is critical, in order to solve these concerns, the European commission is expected in the next few months to establish a set of standard answers. Danfoss has ready to welcome the new rules as early as more than a decade ago, danfoss has developed a set of assessment low GWP refrigerants solutions and an effective approach to business risk, both technology, safety, and cost, all kinds of factors. As environmentally friendly refrigerant replace high GWP value of HFC solutions leader, danfoss mature solutions and complete product line will avoid potential prices to our customers and the government's tax may impact the business. The F - GAS introduced new laws making waves in the global scope of the refrigeration industry, and at present China's related specification whether follow-up is less clear, for developing countries, we should also pay attention to the concept of cost - - In order to reduce or eliminate product by-product in the production process of the cost. Reasonable cost is usually offset by refrigeration technology. So the success of industry research and development ability to eliminate played a key role. Danfoss has been committed to for the industry to provide more suitable for low GWP value refrigerant products. Danfoss experts may at any time to provide customers with technical support, and use its products more environmentally friendly refrigerant advise the best conversion methods, so as to guarantee the customer realize smooth transition.
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