Danfoss inverter compressor program helps Mexican chain restaurants

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-27
SRT company is located in Mexico and mainly provides customized energy-saving solutions for refrigeration and automation technologies according to customers' needs. SRT has accumulated many years of professional experience in building parallel refrigeration units for cold storage. Sanborns chain restaurant for Mexican billionaire CarlosSlim (2014 Forbes magazine selection) The group's subordinate enterprises, they put forward demands to SRT company, hoping SRT can provide solutions to reduce the energy consumption of restaurant cold storage, display cabinets and sideboards. SRT has developed several units, and the compressor schemes used include semi-hermetic compressors (Use uninstall adjustment) And mechanically adjusted compressors, etc. , the energy efficiency level achieved is not satisfactory. In order to meet the requirements of Sanborns group, SRT technical service manager alejandrí OS and his team began to actively look for the best energy-saving scheme. While requiring high energy efficiency, it also realizes automatic safety backup function to cope with emergencies and realize remote monitoring. Danfoss VTZ inverter compressor can effectively adjust the refrigerating capacity. After testing, it can perfectly meet the minimum and maximum refrigerating capacity requirements of each restaurant. The refrigeration system adopts two sets of hybrid parallel units, each of which includes a fixed frequency compressor and VTZ variable frequency compressor, and the system is additionally equipped with a large cooling MTZ constant speed compressor as backup. Danfoss AK is also used in the system- SC355 centralizes the main controller for remote monitoring, and the energy-saving scheme tailored by SRT company fully meets the needs of Sanborns chain restaurants. AlejandroRios said:' The high-quality product solutions provided by Danfoss help us to create unparalleled cooling capacity control, achieving outstanding cooling capacity regulation and energy efficiency performance in all field cases. Compared with the previous mechanical regulating compressor or semi-enclosed compressor system, the energy consumption is saved by 33% ~ 36%. This is the best parallel refrigeration unit scheme we can achieve in the Mexican market at present. In addition, the system also realizes accurate and stable temperature control while reducing noise level. The remote monitoring system simplifies the later maintenance work. Provide the most comfortable environment for end users. ' Danfoss commercial compressor Department adopts top technology to provide products including fixed frequency and variable frequency scroll compressors, centrifugal compressors, piston compressors and condensing units for the global market. Our scheme is widely used in various applications in the global air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump markets. About 1500 Danfoss employees on five continents are dedicated to the design and manufacture of compressors. Our manufacturing plants in the United States, France and China are close to our customers. The global compressor installed capacity exceeds 1100 units
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