In the field of industrial automation

Since 2012, China's industrial automation industry has been in a stage of steady development, and the policies of structural reform on the supply side at the national level, building a strong manufacturing country, speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industries, and promoting high-quality development have been introduced continuously. China government will actively reduce the tax rate in the manufacturing sector and provide policy support to promote the development and upgrading of the industry. At the same time, the changes of worldwide factors of production and the input of enterprises also create conditions for the development of industrial control automation industry. Population ageing trend strengthened, the human cost is rising rapidly, the economy of replacing manual labor with mechanical production through automatic upgrading is obvious; the rapid development of new industries will directly drive the demand of automatic equipment and spare parts; the traditional industry needs the promotion of industrial control automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency and transformation. The development of industrial control products will benefit from this.

Key Factors for world industry of electric drive and automation now is in transform, Re- architect the Value-Chain. With the rising of industry condition, it calls more needs for higher level, at the appearance and shape of the product, the quality of components, reliability and performance. Electric drive products are customer- oriented and excellent quality oriented.

In the field of new energy vehicle industry

The industrial revolution initiated the era of replacing labor with machines. However, energy resources are seriously waste by outmoded industrial production. Pollution is shocking by the sight. As the possession quantity of cars in reassess, the environmental pollution is intensified. In order to improve the control level of industrial automation, overcome the global environmental deterioration and to solve the energy shortage that increasingly human beings face, “Motor Drive Controller” product, which provide efficient energy-saving solution in industrial automation, develops rapidly. In recent years, China's new energy vehicle has entered a stage of rapid development. The development of the new energy automobile industry related to the national industrial subsidy policy.


From the end of 2016 to 2017, the state successively issued the "notice on adjusting the Financial subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles" and the "medium and long term Development of the Automobile Industry". Measures for the parallel Administration of the average fuel consumption of passenger car Enterprises and the integral points of New Energy vehicles, etc. With the gradual decline and exit strategy of the subsidy policy, the introduction of the "double points" method will guide the market demand, impel the traditional automobile enterprises to accelerate the pace of developing new energy vehicles, and promote the development of the new energy automobile industry in our country. The new energy automobile industry will enter a new stage of marketization and product-driven development by forming a market-oriented long-term development mechanism to promote the sustainable development of the new energy automobile industry. 

To use the best electric drive technologies to bear the most reliability & quality network for industry 4.0 and green energy,

enrich people’s dream for more efficient solution in a more economical way.






Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd.


As a leading technology in low-voltage inverter suppliers and electric vehicles filed, V&T Technologies is an innovative and customer-oriented company that provides high quality products, solutions, and services in industry of electric drive and automation. Because of the hi-tech core technology, mature product experience advantage, we will provide you most reliable solution. We are becoming a leading global supplier with products deployed in more than 20 countries, such as Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Greece…, meanwhile, we are serving more than 20 the world's top customers in different industries.

We also provide OEM products, not only for standard industrial products but also for different special-purposed industry. Our engineer team concentrates in various industries; we specialized deeper and deeper in different needs of application. We occupy No.1 in some industry, such as electric car, injection machine, air compressor and so on. At present Huawei has over 600 employees, 90% of them with a bachelor's degree or higher and over 48% devoted to R&D. Each year, V&T invests no less than 10% of its revenue on R&D. This ensures that V&T is a leading player in technology to meet our customers’ demands very quickly.


In the field of Low and middle-voltage Inverter market

We insist on further strengthen the products reliability and environmental applicability to meet the requirements of complicated application environment and the industrial process technology. We have abundant commercial experience to provide best-valued products and service to allow customers more competitive. Company provides full range of products, which totally meet the requirement of high-end, middle-end and general-purpose applications. Products are widely adopted by mainstream of leading enterprises in various industries, such as Air conditioning, Lifting, Air compressor, Machine printing, Packaging, Metallurgy, Petroleum Chemical,  Stone, Wood, Plastic, Industrial washing machine, Water supply, Municipal, Ceramics, Textile, Mines etc. V&T also dedicated in development and manufacture of asynchronous servo drivers, which are widely applied in  Electro-hydraulic hybrid devices (including die-casting machine, injection molding machine, shoes-machines etc.), Machine tool spindle, Position control devices, etc.


In the field of electric vehicles

In electric vehicle industry of new energy, V&T motor drive controller remains core parts in Electric Vehicles, taking the leading position in performance, safety, reliability and service life, etc. We provide not only standard products, but also customized solutions to reduce costs, save space and improve reliability for users. Shenzhen V&T Technologies have become the major supplier of motor drive controller for HEV/BEV in China, and the products of V&T are widely applied by main automobile manufacturers and powertrain factories.


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Equirements confimation, Choose proper products at 4quests of industrial application, The logo, label and 5manual could be oEM, but shape and color, hardware and 6software of inverter won't be changed

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