Composition of stepping motor power supply and driver control part

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
The composition of stepping motor power supply and driver control part. Electromechanical is a research and development manufacturer of stepping motor and stepping motor driver. Today, let's talk about the composition of stepping motor power supply and driver control part, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Stepping motors are not strict with power supply and do not need voltage stabilization. As long as it can meet the current requirements, the transformer with similar voltage will be rectified and filtered. It is better not to use switching power supply for stepping motor power supply, because switching power supply has peak protection, while stepping drive often has peak phenomenon, and switching power supply is always reliable without transformer and rectifier circuit. The components of the stepping motor driver control system are usually composed of three parts: control circuit, drive circuit and stepping motor. Its main functions are as follows: ① control circuit. Used to generate pulses and control the speed and steering of the motor. (2) drive circuit. That is, the research content of this paper consists of the pulse signal distribution and power drive circuit shown in Fig. 1. According to the pulse and direction signal input by the controller, provide the correct power-on sequence for each winding of the stepping motor, as well as the high voltage and large current required by the motor; At the same time, various protection measures are provided, such as overcurrent, overheating, etc. (3) stepping motor. The control signal is amplified by the driver to drive the stepping motor to drive the load. Related reading: Shenzhen stepper motor driver manufacturer teaches you how to choose the principle and function of inverter single stepper motor driver TAG stepper motor power driver control part
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