Composition of AC servo motor system

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-26
Composition of AC servo motor system composition of AC servo motor system composition diagram of AC He Fu motor system. The system of AC servo motor can be divided into upper controller, servo amplifier and motor. In addition, AC servo motor is divided into Figure 1. In addition to the composition of 9, some systems also add a position feedback loop to the upper controller, and use a servo amplifier to control the speed, or put the position detection on the outer side of the motor and other upper controller inter-server amplifier ac InterServer electrical standard trajectory target position set electric motor generator he service controller motor position information, AC servo motor system Composition 1. The upper controller generates the action track of the motor and sends instructions to the He Fu amplifier. This interface generally uses a pulse column. By sending a pulse command, the servo motor will rotate one angle like the stepping motor. Therefore, the upper controller can be used for stepping motors as well as AC and AC motors. Interfaces have been unified among manufacturers and are not limited to a specific manufacturer. However, the AC servo driver introduced in this book has designed the upper controller and servo amplifier together, and does not need a separate upper controller 2. Servo amplifier servo amplifier consists of He Fu controller and motor drive amplifier. The servo control of AC servo motor is almost all digital control, high performance DsP ( Digital SignalProcessor)Or microprocessors have been widely used. The motor drive amplifier adopts vector control three-phase sine wave PWM drive mode. Understanding the above control technology is the key topic TAG motor, servo, AC servo, motor system AC motor system, servo system
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