Company Introduction


Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. is a listed company; stock code is 300484.We specialized in Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives, Pumping Unit Controller, Servo Drive, Electric Vehicle Drive, Solar pump Inverter. V&T established in 2006, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen. The name of V&T means Vector and Torque control also it means Victory and Trust.


V&T Company is certificated as a “National Hi-tech enterprise” and “Double-software enterprise”, which has fully intellectual property rights. V&T has won the “Technical Innovation” prize awarded by Inverter Industry Association (IIA), we won the “The most competitive VFD brands” prize, “Electric Vehicle Excellent Technology” Prize awarded by China Electro-Technical Society (CES). V&T has been ranked as one of “Top 10 Chinese Inverter Enterprises” every year since 2008 by authorized electric-drive magazine. We has 600 staff, 200 of them are R&D engineers. All the products have it’s own IPRs. The investment to R&D is more than 10% of turnover per year.


As a leader in China, V&T is recognized for its quality, reliability and cost-efficiency in an ever-increasing number of markets worldwide. We are committed to being the world's leading and most respected provider industrial control systems to deliver the high grade and competitively priced products in the market. So far V&T products have been exported to over 60 countries like Korea, Germany, England, Russia, UAE, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Australia, South Africa, Mexico.

Why Choose Us

V&T R&D team and management was core leader of Frequency inverter development in China.
The most experienced V&T R&D team, which developed over 5 million pieces AC drives since 1998, over 200,000 units of electric vehicle motor controller are running in global market.
Each year we invest over 10% of revenue in R&D, and 60 % of our 600 employees, are engaged in R&D activities.  Because of good technology platform and technological advantages, that company listed successfully without any external capital.
2006 up to now the R&D team finished the third generation VFDs (high performance with vector and torque control) in V&T. V&T has proprietary intellectual property rights of all our software and hardware design.

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