V&T self-develop variable frequency drives covering voltage level 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V, power rating is from 0.4KW to 3000KW. V&T Company have 100% proprietary intellectual property, each software lines of code and hardware topology are designed independently. We have leading core technology; we have vector control technology and torque control technology, software algorithm and hardware reliability technology. Through 20 years’ effort, we have built uniform platform with modularly unit design, the Modular Platform have very good technical reusability, outstanding and efficient, which can shorten the development time, lower cost with high reliability. That is why we make customized products according different industrial application quickly & efficiently.  

For the process of manufacturer, we focus on R&D design to achieve customer needs; the production process is mainly completed by a high level of outsourcing.


We have professional R&D and technical support team, after more than 20 years of efforts, product technology is stable, reliable quality, and after the test of the market. Some key performance and key indicators have reached the international advanced level. V5, V6 series used to be the benchmark products pursued by technology in the Chinese industry, and are still popular products today. VT series products currently under development will become the leader of the new generation of frequency converters. European style design, book compact, lower cost, smaller size, leading performance, the richest interface, board card optional.


Our Star product - V5/V6 products remain the domestic technical benchmark, it has perfect response from the market - technical stability, reliable quality, rich experiences; massive application &market tested. We are researching and developing the new products- VT series, and it will become the leader of the new generation frequency converter through new platform.

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