Common problems in application of ruite stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-02
Common problems in the application of ruite stepping motor: no matter which brand of stepping motor, there are more or less faults, because we cannot fully consider the use of all buyers' motors. Today, the stepping motor manufacturer ruite electromechanical, let's take a look at some common minor faults of ruite stepping motor driver and ruite servo motor of our peers. We can refer to 1. Ruite servo motor is applied to places with low speed--- The speed ratio per minute shall not exceed 1000 revolutions, preferably at 1000-3000PPS (0. 9 degrees) It can be used here according to the speed reduction equipment, when the motor has high working efficiency and low noise; 2, ruite servo motor is best not to apply the whole step situation, the whole step situation vibration; 3. Due to the historical time, the motor that can only be marked as 12V working voltage applies 12 V, and the working voltage value of other Motors is not the driving working voltage Volt value, the working voltage of the driver can be selected according to the servo driver. Perhaps the working voltage of 12 volts can be used in addition to the 12V constant voltage driver. Only the leakage current should be considered; 4. For loads with large moment of inertia, large motor shaft number motor shall be selected; 5. When the Reiter stepping motor is loaded at a relatively high speed or with a large inertia, it is usually not started at the working speed, but is accelerated slowly at a rising frequency. A motor has no out-of-step, second, it can reduce noise and improve the accuracy level of termination together; 6, high precision, should be based on mechanical equipment to slow down, improve motor speed, or choose high and fine performance servo driver to deal. TAG sharp stepping motor
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