Closed-loop motor development field

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
Closed-loop motors have developed well in recent years because stepping motors- The concept of Mechatronics is proposed, and the rapid development of stepping motors is obvious to all. Not only that, but also the development of surrounding parts. The electromechanical component that develops rapidly in Mechatronics is stepping motor, which is also a widely used product in the whole industry. Moreover, we can divide stepping motor into three types of products: permanent magnet, reactive and hybrid. Stepping motors have been striving for innovation and change. The technology is becoming more and more advanced, for example, closed-loop motors, hybrid screw stepping motors, DC brushless motors, DC brushless drivers, linear stepping motors, linear actuators and screw stepping motors are all popular products in the electromechanical industry recently. Stepping motors, these new products, represent a new milestone. Moreover, the development of products has begun to move towards intelligence, and at the same time, the pace of product technology is moving closer and closer. Closed-loop motor, the competition in the motor market is becoming more and more fierce. At the same time, the customer's demand is also diversified and constantly high. A single motor product can no longer meet the market demand, and the future trend of motors must be systematic, integrated and integrated. Under such a market background, Shenzhen Shenli Weite Motor Co. , Ltd. provides customers with integrated stepper motors for drive control: integrating stepper drivers, motors and encoders, the combination of drive and control is small and precise, so that users do not need to assemble drive and control separately, thus greatly saving time and resources and providing convenience for users. Shenli Motor also has an integrated stepping servo motor with closed-loop control and encoder functions. Because it uses closed-loop control, its main feature is that it will not lose step. Moreover, there are no products with closed-loop control and thrust control for stepping motors in the market. The running speed and distance of the motors can be adjusted by using the control panel, which can be better controlled than the traditional Servo cylinder, and the accuracy is higher. The application prospect of closed-loop motor in the field of industrial automation is very promising. Shenzhen ruite electromechanical specializes in selling products such as linear stepping motor, deceleration stepping motor, stepping motor driver, closed-loop motor, etc. It has high positioning accuracy, high output torque, high response frequency and low operating noise, good dynamic characteristics and advantages. The products it sells are widely used in experimental equipment automation, packaging, electronic equipment automation and other places that require linear high precision positioning. TAG closed loop motor
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