Closed loop control servo system

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
Closed-loop control servo system, currently only medium and high-grade numerical control machine tools adopt full closed-loop control mode, and its structural feature is that the detection element (Such as inductosyn, grating, etc)Installed on the workbench. Pay attention to the characteristics and application of servo motor system to form a full closed loop. The control principle of the closed-loop control servo system is shown in Fig. 1. Feed servo system is the main subsystem of numerical control system. If the CNC device is a CNC system'Brain', Is released'Command''Command Post' , Then the feed servo system is the numerical control system'Limbs', Is a kind of'Executing Agency'. It faithfully executes the motion command sent by the CNC device, and accurately controls the motion direction, feed speed and displacement of the executing parts. AC servo motor is driven in a closed loop, and the closed loop control system adopts a linear position detection device (Linear inductosyn, long grating, etc) The control principle of a position servo system that directly measures the displacement of the workbench of a numerical control machine tool and carries out feedback control is shown in Fig. 3-Shown in 11. This system has a position detection feedback circuit and sometimes a speed feedback circuit. 1. The types of AC synchronous servo motors are excitation type, permanent magnet type, reluctance type and hysteresis type 2. The structure of permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor consists of stator, rotor and detection element. See Figure 3-12 shown. Its internal structure is shown in Figure 3-13 shown. Figure 3-13 internal structure of AC servo motor 3. The working principle and performance of permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor. When the three-phase stator winding is connected with three-phase alternating current, a synchronous rotating magnetic field is generated between the stator and the rotor, and the rotor is set as a permanent magnet, under the action of magnetic force, the rotor rotates synchronously with the rotating magnetic field. As long as the load does not exceed a certain limit, there will be no out-of-step phenomenon of AC synchronous motor. The maximum limit of this load is called the maximum synchronous torque. The problem of difficult starting of synchronous motor is solved by reducing the inertia of the rotor or increasing the speed of the motor to the required speed. Main parameters: rated power, rated torque, rated speed, etc. Advantages of AC servo motor: ◆ good dynamic response; ◆ High output power, increased voltage and rotation speed. 4. Speed Regulation method of permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motor AC synchronous motor is often used in the feed system. The motor has no slip rate, and the motor speed is speed regulation method: frequency conversion speed regulation 5. The speed control system of AC feed servo motor consists of speed Loop, current loop, SPWN circuit, power amplifier circuit and detection feedback circuit. Shenzhen ruite Electromechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Main products: stepping Motor, linear stepping motor, stepping servo stepping driver, stepping motor driver, integrated stepping brake stepping motor, waterproof stepping motor, brushless motor, servo motor and other types of stepping motors, welcome to inquire. Related reading: Application of closed-loop stepping motor in industrial automation field, step analysis of debugging of stepping motor after leaving factory TAG closed-loop control servo system
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