Citic heavy industry: 'made in China's intellectual' heavy equipment of frequency conversion dream

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
As is known to all, China's manufacturing sector over the past few decades has made great progress and development, China has become a veritable & other; Throughout the world's factory &; 。 But the current trend of rapid growth from investment and exports faced with enormous challenges. In China's manufacturing industry from & other; Made in China & throughout; To & other; Throughout China's smart &; The path of the transformation and upgrading, inverter and automation industry will undoubtedly play a huge role. Frequency conversion, namely by changing power supply frequency, regulating equipment load, reducing power consumption, reduce the loss and prolong the service life of equipment, and so on. With the progress of science and technology, frequency conversion technology has been widely used in our production life. Both civil and industrial areas, air conditioning, high-speed trains, ships, industrial and mining enterprises of electrical automation control field, such as variable frequency technology has almost everywhere, it creates value space is becoming more and more big. It is understood that the development of variable frequency drive technology at first mainly for the purpose of energy saving, but with power electronic technology, microelectronics technology and the development of control theory, power semiconductor devices and to improve the performance of microprocessor, variable frequency drive technology has been significant development. Frequency conversion technology and inverter market in China started relatively late. Data shows, in the domestic market is foreign brand inverter is beginning to develop, foreign brand & other; First impressions are most lasting & throughout; , the frequency converter in domestic market share of about 7. Moreover, most of the domestic similar enterprise founded time is not long, time is shorter, many products come into the market in terms of maturity of the product and brand awareness is not enough to contend with international famous brand. But that may soon be broken. On August 8, 2014, as the world's largest manufacturer of mining equipment, cement equipment and one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises in China citic heavy industry machinery co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Citic heavy industries & throughout; ) Held the theme & other; ‘ One & rsquo; The cross & lsquo; Frequency & rsquo; Movement throughout the world &; The & other; Citic heavy industrial special high voltage inverter parameter is 1 anniversary conference & throughout; , officially released its independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights CHIC1000, CHIC2000 series overloading type industrial special high voltage inverter. It also marks the has long been known for its traditional r&d and manufacture of heavy equipment operators, with the production of industrial special high voltage inverter as an opportunity to successfully enter the field of power electronics. In the conference, the customers and industry experts said, citic heavy industry independent research and development of CHIC1000, CHIC2000 series overloading type industrial special high voltage inverter is high-end intelligent transmission products, with international leading level. It successfully break the advent of the high pressure high-power inverter foreign monopoly, to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's heavy equipment, and the country's major technical equipment to realize intelligent, green development and economic development quality, and the efficiency is of great significance. Experts also said that if the relevant industry vigorously promote the use of frequency conversion technology, construction project from technical innovation, process innovation to advance design, consciously configuration high-end industrial special inverter of high performance, high stability, will provide the relevant industries of energy conservation and emissions reduction to create huge space in our country. Also has the expert thinks, in heavy machinery enterprises are facing difficult times, juki company from areas to control the development of the traditional way to breakthrough in vestigating has long been a high investment, low profits, excess capacity development bottleneck. Frequency conversion industry is heavy equipment and production technology of bridge, is the important medium to realize industrial automation, informationization. “ We not only produce inverter. ” In the conference, citic heavy industries, said general manager yu rhyme by frequency converter production, citic heavy industries extends the industrial chain, has realized the process design, equipment manufacturing, full coverage of the control system, thus opens the mechanical drive to the change of variable frequency drive. “ Citic heavy industries will be based on frequency conversion industry, power machinery and equipment of the enterprises from the traditional to the crossover development of power electronics industry, to provide more customers set technology, products, technology and control technology & lsquo; The trinity & rsquo; Full service. ” The next page 12>
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