Citic heavy industries: the word 'change' pledge 'frequency' move the world

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
August 8, the author from citic heavy industrial special anniversary conference came to know that high voltage frequency converter was put into operation, CHIC1000 of citic heavy industry independent research and development and its extensions CHIC2000 series overloading type industrial special high voltage inverter, successfully broke the foreign monopoly, high pressure high-power inverter makes citic heavy industries become Asia's largest production base of industrialization of the inverter. “ For large equipment has its own control system & throughout; Is the dream of citic heavy Ren Qin new chairman for twenty years. In 2013 the national & other; The two sessions & throughout; Period, has just seen Zhang Qisheng Ren Qin new frequency domain experts, from an envelope and pulled out a piece of & other; Throughout the board &; , confidently said: & other; Citic heavy industry China dedicated high-end inverter to do. ” Then all the people present are partially, to a juki leading state-owned enterprises into the power electronics industry, some don't understand. Today, citic heavy industry first high voltage frequency conversion system is safe and stable operation for over a year. Zhang Qisheng is the leading domestic inverter expert, he joined not only made citic heavy industry as a deputy general manager, the key is to make the citic heavy industry finally has the advanced frequency conversion technology. “ Can no longer work for the international giant & throughout; “ Twenty years ago, we received a lift the contract, can only make mechanical part of a drum, accounts for about 10% of the total value of the left and right sides, and other transmission parts are foreign companies. ” Had been greatly stimulate Ren Qin new, mentioned this matter, now still & other; Heart & throughout; &ldquo:; Give priority to with the traditional mechanical drive equipment manufacturing industry must shift to control direction. ” Since then, he and other Change & throughout; Word pledge, citic heavy industries must shoulder the national important strategic mission of high-end high-power frequency localization undertaker, dedicated to the machinery to the crossover development of power electronics industry. Frequency conversion technology is the bridge after heavy equipment and production process. Along with science and technology progress, from life to production, from the civilian to the industry, from the frequency conversion air conditioning to high-speed trains, even wider in the field of industrial and mining enterprises of electrical automation control, variable frequency ubiquitous, effect is better and better, to a great extent, we have entered the & other; Frequency conversion time & throughout; 。 Inverter industry prospects analysis according to the survey, the domestic inverter is a foreign brand in the market, foreign brand preconceptions, currently in the domestic market share of about 7. The history of most domestic enterprises set up not long, a lot of products into the market time is shorter, in terms of product sophistication and brand awareness is difficult to compete with international famous brand. At the same time, because of energy tension and meet the requirements of the production process, high voltage variable frequency speed regulating the necessity for energy conservation has become a large-scale production enterprises, the domestic high voltage frequency control of motor speed rapidly growing market demand. The State Council and other Five-year & throughout; Energy-saving environmental protection industry development plan also clearly put forward, the motor and drag equipment to vigorously promote frequency control technology and equipment, such as to improving the efficiency of the motor system as a whole. The next page> 123
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