Circuit diagram of stepping motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-09
The circuit diagram of stepping motor driver is in the industrial control system mainly composed of upper computer or plc, especially in the control of various mechanical equipment, the combined application of PLC, touch screen, servo motor driver, servo motor or stepping motor driver and stepping motor is often seen. For servo motors and stepping motors, due to their simple structure, the principle is not too complicated. When you see the real objects and then cooperate with the application, you will understand. However, it is difficult to know the structure and Circuit of the motor driver due to various conditions. True face'Yes. Due to the working relationship, I took over a stepper motor driver that needs maintenance, and because of the need of maintenance, I mapped the circuit diagram of the whole stepper motor, I know what the stepper motor driver is. Here, I will dedicate the whole picture of the whole machine to everyone. There are 4 pictures of the whole machine: the first picture: the main circuit driven by stepping motor and the switching power supply circuit. The form of power output circuit of stepping motor driver is similar to that of inverter main circuit. Each channel is push-pull output by two IGBT tubes, and diodes are also connected in reverse parallel on the tubes to provide reverse current paths, thus protecting the safety of IGBT tubes. The over-current protection signal of IGBT tube is obtained from AR1 and BR1 resistors, which convert the current signal flowing through IGBT tube into voltage signal and are processed by the post-stage protection circuit, into the microcontroller. The output 5V of the switching power supply is used as the power supply of the single chip microcomputer. In addition, 5V ,-5V is also used as a dual circuit power supply for the protection circuit. One 15V power supply is converted into four 15V power supplies by PIC and PT1 for four drive circuits. The second picture: driving power supply and terminal signal source. The 15V power supply from the power supply board, through NE555 time base circuit oscillation inverter, the four secondary windings of the switching transformer PT1 output four groups of 15 v dc voltages isolated from each other for the power supply of the driving IC; The third picture: pulse drive circuit of stepping motor driver and working current setting circuit of stepping motor, etc. The driver IC adopts a special driver chip for IS2110S. The four-channel pulse signal output by the single chip microcomputer is processed by 74LS08 42 input AND gate circuit, and then sent to four IS2110S driver circuits. After photoelectric isolation and power amplification, send and discharge inverter power circuit, input step pulse to step motor; Figure 4: CPU (Single Chip Microcomputer)Circuit and control terminal internal circuit diagram. The stepper motor driver is a four-way pulse signal generated by a single chip microcomputer, and the power output circuit is driven by a subsequent circuit to drive the stepper motor. This figure marks the O/I ports of the single chip microcomputer in detail, which is convenient for analysis principle and fault detection. In addition to stepping pulse and directional level signal input, the control terminal also provides fault signal output of stepping driver for displaying fault status, etc. TAG
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