Chint transformer's first foray into the Brazilian market

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
Recently developed chint electric transformer and high voltage switch group with three transformer products all test, through acceptance and supervision on May 17, exports to Brazil for the first time. At present, Brazil is preparing to hold 2014 & other; Throughout the World Cup &; And 2016 & other; The Olympic Games throughout the &; , the demand for electric power facilities have broad, chint transformer products timely to enter Brazil, for Latin America market has strategic significance. Three transformer product model SFZ11 - respectively 33300kVA/69. 3 kv ( A total of two sets) And SFZ - 25000kVA / 69kV。 According to transformer engineer ZhuZhiXiang, due to the Brazilian customers to use the different habits, in the way of regulating, intelligent temperature control and so on product appearance make a special request, and seismic performance need to meet relevant standards, to design work has increased the difficulty of the larger. It is understood that the transformer products are exported to Brazil for the first time, to fully demonstrate the chint in electrical manufacturing industry comprehensive strength and influence. As & other; The brics countries & throughout; Brazil, a member of the industry among the top of the Latin America, with huge economic aggregate and strength. The transformer products won the bid for Brazil, the difficulty lies in its strong sense of localization, shorter delivery time, and high tariffs.
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