China's demand for the inverter situation analysis is discussed in this paper

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
China's economic construction, especially the industrial economic development, industrial production in emphasizes automation at the same time, also pay attention to efficiency improvements, in this case, the domestic demand for the inverter has remained robust. With the rapid development of national economy, the domestic demand for the inverter product is becoming more and more big. The inverter with its characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, will be the strong support of national policy. Inverter development in our country the policy guidance, the characteristics of the industry concentration. At present, our country most enterprise application of frequency converter and prior to buy inverter, rely on the support of national policy. Without the support of national policy, inverter industry expansion speed will slow. Industry of application of frequency converter in China mainly concentrated in heavy industries such as metallurgy, water, oil, because these industries are the country's pillar industries, thus more likely to support funds, and other light industries application of frequency converter is relatively less ratio. Manufacturing upgrade promote inverter application expansion of the 12th five-year plan put forward to upgrade manufacturing industry, including the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and enhance the level of automation will be key. Affected by the downstream conditions of use, low voltage variable frequency technology emphasizes the adjusting precision and range, in the field of industrial automation and front-end PLC control servo motor and the back-end links, such as common industrial automation control system. Similar to high voltage inverter, low-voltage inverter is divided into high-end, midrange and low-end market, the listed company, British witten inovance technology in such main participate in high-end market competition, and the automation level upgraded from the technical level more emphasis on frequency conversion technology application in the field of fine, so will focus on the high-end market. Asymptotic and manufacturing equipment upgrade is a long-term process of low voltage frequency converter and PLC, servo motor and other common industrial automation control system, and downstream more child involved in manufacturing industry, with the high pressure frequency converter was mainly affected by national policy, low voltage variable frequency downstream demand is related to the overall level of industrial development and the future equipment upgrades will be gradual and long process, is expected to industry can over a period of time to keep the stable growth of around 15%.
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