'China efficiency' forging 'China quality'-appraisal certification center issues inverter 'China efficiency' certificate to sunshine power supply

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-02
On May 22, Jianheng Certification Center issued a full range of Inverter Products to sunshine power supply, the world's leading supplier of photovoltaic system solutions, in Hefei, Anhui province. China efficiency' Certificate, which indicates that the products of Sunshine power supply have passed the certification of the latest and strictest efficiency test standards in the industry and have obtained the highest efficiency level. 'A” , Once again confirmed the leading advantage of Sunshine power in the global inverter field. On 2013, on the basis of summarizing the experience of Inverter Testing and certification in the early stage and combining with the latest research results at home and abroad, the Appraisal Center took the lead in proposing 'according to the characteristics of China's photovoltaic power generation construction and operation environment'China efficiency'And take the lead in drafting the technical specification. On 2014, 'technical conditions for efficiency of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters in China' successfully passed the review by the review team composed of mainstream inverter enterprises, major testing and certification agencies and industry experts, it has been put on record by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration and officially released to the public for implementation. At the beginning of 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised and announced the 'standard conditions for photovoltaic manufacturing industry (2015)'(Hereinafter referred to as the 'code'). Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released three versions of the access documents for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, and the new version of the documents will be the inverter for the first time. China efficiency'Relevant requirements are included. The code clearly stipulates that the weighted efficiency of photovoltaic inverters containing transformers in China shall not be less than 96%, and the weighted efficiency of photovoltaic inverters excluding Transformers in China shall not be less than 98% ( Relevant indexes of micro inverter shall not be less than 94% and 95%respectively). The release of the new version of the specification shows that the government authorities are paying more and more attention to the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems, power generation and the quality of the whole industrial chain. The specification optimizes the evaluation method of the inverter, so that our country also has a similar'European efficiency'And'California efficiency' This is a more scientific and reasonable photovoltaic inverter efficiency evaluation system, namely'China efficiency'. Zhao Wei, vice president of Sunshine power supply, pointed out that China has been using'Maximum conversion efficiency' To evaluate the power generation efficiency of the inverter, the evaluation method has certain limitations and one-sidedness. The power station environment is complex and the climate is changeable. The voltage and load in actual work change with radiation and temperature changes. The inverter will not work all the time. Maximum conversion efficiency','China efficiency' The introduction of the standard undoubtedly provides a more scientific method for the evaluation of inverter efficiency in the industry. As the largest photovoltaic inverter manufacturer with the most complete product series in China, Sunshine power is very happy to take the lead in obtaining'China efficiency' The certification certificate also has the obligation to work with the appraisal to promote the standardization construction of the industry. 12 Next Page>
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