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Chengdu Fujixin elevator system transformation project

Chengdu Fujixin elevator system transformation project


Chengdu Fujixin elevator system transformation project



Since the establishment of the V&T Elevator Department, the elevator engineers have worked hard to develop safe, economical, energy-saving, and efficient elevator system solutions and elevator integrated drives.


Some areas in China have successively used the V&T elevator system solution and equipped with corresponding elevator integrated drive products. Once V&T elevator products were used, they quickly won praise from customers in the industry;The following is the plan and process of the Chengdu Fujixin elevator system transformation project:


There is a passenger elevator and a freight elevator at the Chengdu elevator site due to disrepair for a long time. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the passengers, they are in urgent need of upgrading. Chengdu Fujixin elevator factory asked us for help. The situation of the elevators used on site is:


Monte Rally synchronous motor 27.7Kw, operating frequency 79.6Hz, motor speed 199Rmp, elevator load 1600Kg, elevator running speed 2.5m/s, and equipped with HEIDENHAIN 1387 encoder, line number 2048;


The passenger elevator runs 7 floors, with 7 stops, and single door opening;


The usage of the on-site freight elevator is: Xinda asynchronous motor 22Kw, operating frequency 50Hz, motor speed 970rpm, elevator load 5000Kg, elevator running speed 0.5m/s, and equipped with Tamagawa ABZ encoder, line number 1024


The freight elevator runs 2 floors, with 2 stops, and uses through doors;


Both passenger elevators and freight elevators used Chongqing Gaoguan elevator system.


After our company learned the details of the elevator on site, we immediately sent engineers to the site to transform and upgrade it. We adopted the more effective elevator solution and integrated drive products of V&T, and now it can operate normally if we switch to 30Kw integrated drive products. At the same time, We have completed the elevator type test and evidence collection;

The following is a picture of the elevator scene:

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