Charging mobile phone with stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-07
When you have no power supply in a remote area and need an emergency call, the stepper motor can be used for charging the battery of the mobile phone ,. This short guide will guide you step by step to build your own DIY emergency mobile phone charger. Although theoretically any DC motor can work in this application, stepping motors are very suitable for use as generators due to their small size and the use of powerful magnets. The circuit consists of a stepping motor equipped with a crank, allowing the user to rotate the shaft with minimal force. Then, the generated output alternating current is rectified by the bridge rectifier and the generated energy is stored using a large electrolytic capacitor. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage is limited to 5 Volts so as not to damage the lithium ion battery of the mobile phone. This is done through a low dropout 5 volt linear regulator. Various motors were tested to determine the best size for this application. We found 15. 0 kg- Cm 6-wire NEMA 23 stepper motor is very suitable for this project. Although the motor with the largest size will generate the largest energy, the system may become clumsy and may take a lot of energy to turn the crank. The schematic diagram of the mobile phone charger is as follows. The device is constructed on the board and tested to feel that it is necessary to charge the battery with enough energy to make a short emergency call. Noticed a few minutes'Start'Time is enough to allow short phone calls. This paper presents a simple battery charger circuit that can be used in environments without electricity, such as in remote areas. Found that the suggested generator is enough to easily provide a few minutes on a standard smartphone. 'Talk time' , And with very little physical strength can generate the required electric energy. TAG stepper motor
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