Champ consultation: domestic inverter transformation two big trends

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-23
Frequency converter products in China after decades of development, gradually grown up. But the inverter industry chain as a branch of the electrical industry in China, compared with other traditional manufacture industry is quite young and more unstable. Champ consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that: with China's 12th five-year plan, policy support and market in the country, driven by domestic manufacturing industry also started the large-scale, industrial upgrading and transformation of industrial economic growth way slowly began to change, and the frequency conversion industry as the relatively high degree of adsorption in the industrial manufacturing industry, in the face of the whole economic environment and the change of market environment, also began to change gradually. China's domestic inverter transformation has two big trends. One is that domestic inverter enterprises turn to the core technology oriented. Technological innovation is the weakness of domestic inverter enterprises in China, the late start, the technology behind the our country domestic inverter in the inverter in the market competition at a disadvantage, especially for the iron and steel industry, the application of rail transportation and other industries of high technical requirements, thus makes the domestic inverter rarely enter. So it also inspire our domestic inverter enterprises from these mistakes to increase investment in technology research and development strength. Second, domestic inverter enterprises turn to focus on industry market-oriented segment. Relevant data show that domestic inverter goods will exceed 120 billion yuan, the market potential due to the frequency converter bai widely used with a number of industrial fields, thus promoting domestic converter specializing in industry market segmentation and since enterprise transformation, and this shift is driven the development of the whole industry chain to the industry trend of market segmentation. According to the released champ consulting - 2012 2016 China inverter research industry analysis and market forecast report 'shows that: domestic inverter enterprises from traditional rough production pattern upgraded to specialize in a certain development model in the field of industry transformation and upgrading, is advantageous to the specialization of the inverter industry chain in our country, precision. At the same time also can avoid repeating the same frequency converter production enterprises in our country, low-end competition, is conducive to the inverter industry chain and improve the full development of our country.
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