Brushless motor and carbon brush motor!

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-25
Brushless motor and carbon brush motor! Brushless motor is widely used in this era because of its superior performance. However, many partners will ask who is better than brushless motor and carbon brush motor? Then let's discuss it together. 1. Scope of Application: brushless motor: it is usually used on equipment with relatively high control requirements and relatively high rotating speed, such as aerial models, precision instruments and meters, etc. The rotating speed of the motor is strictly controlled, on equipment with high rotating speed. Carbon Brush Motor: usually, power equipment uses brush motors, such as hair dryers, factory motors, household range hoods, etc. In addition, the rotating speed of series excitation motors can also reach very high, but due to the wear and tear of carbon brushes, 'With Life why don't brushless motor. 2. Service life: Brushless Motor: The service life is usually tens of thousands of hours, but the service life of brushless motor is also very different due to different bearings. Carbon Brush Motor: Usually, the continuous working life of the Brush Motor is several hundred to more than 1,000 hours. When the service limit is reached, the carbon brush needs to be replaced, otherwise it is easy to cause bearing wear. 3. Use effect: brushless motor: usually digital frequency conversion control, with strong controllability, can be easily realized from several revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. Carbon Brush Motor: carbon brush motor generally has a constant working speed after starting, speed regulation is not easy, and series excitation motor can reach 20000 rpm. 4. Energy saving: Relatively Speaking, brushless motors controlled by frequency conversion technology will save much more energy than series motors, the most typical of which are variable frequency air conditioners and refrigerators. The above is the comparison between the two. I hope it will be helpful to my friends. More information can be found in ruite electromechanical Related reading: Introduction to switching devices of DC brushless motor drive system how to judge the phase angle of brushless motor TAG brushless motor carbon brush?
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