'Blake' step motor of characteristics

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-21
The characteristics of the stepping motor of the locomotive the stepping motor of the locomotive has some very obvious characteristics, and there are actually three categories: 1. The precision of the stepping motor is usually 3-5%, and does not accumulate. 2. The maximum allowable deviation of the surface of the stepping motor. When the torque of the stepping motor is too high, the permanent magnet material of the motor will be demagnetized first, thus causing the torque to decrease and even out of step. Therefore, the maximum degree of demagnetization allowed on the surface of the motor should lie in the demagnetization point of the permanent magnet material of different motors; Generally speaking, the absolute temperature of the demagnetization point of permanent magnet materials is about 130 degrees, and some even dare to reach the absolute temperature of about 200 degrees. Therefore, the absolute temperature of the stepping motor surface is 80-90 degrees is completely no problem. 3. The torque of the stepping motor will decrease with the increase of the number of revolutions. When the stepper motor rotates, the capacitance of each phase of the motor will generate an electromotive force in the opposite direction; The higher the rate, the greater the reverse electromotive force. Under its function, the motor increases with the acceleration rate (Or rate) The expansion of the phase current and the reduction of the phase current lead to the reduction of torque. The article is reproduced in Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Co. , Ltd. The enterprise industry develops, manufactures and sells stepping motors, stepping drivers, stepping motors and servo controllers, planetary reducer and its motion control products. It has independently developed stepping motors and stepping motor controllers commonly used in tapping machines, and is a well-known stepping motor manufacturer. The key of the stepper motor of the locomotive is the gear box organization of the vertical and horizontal power movement. After the power supply is turned off, it is determined to remain in place. When the power supply is connected, it does not harm the motor. It is the preferred brake module for z-axis motion system. Nowadays, it is used in multi-axis linkage robots, automation machinery, and fixture smelting tools. Such as: automatic dispensing machine, engraving machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic soldering machine and other automatic machinery. Stepper motor with magnetic induction brake, alias stepper motor. The stepping motor itself has a maintenance torque, and the motor can be locked up by using the maintenance torque of the motor under the condition of connecting the power supply, which is equivalent to closing the car. However, if the maintenance torque of the stepping motor is not large enough, it must be locked up more torque, or the stepping motor with brake can be considered when the stepping motor loses the maintenance torque after power failure. The brake of stepping motor usually has elastic yellow type and permanent magnet type, and the stepping motor of permanent magnet type stepping motor reflects faster (Can be locked within 50 ms) , Low noise, less hot, can be connected to the power supply car or power-down car, but power-down car is more common. It uses the best stepping motor production process, and the stepping motor manufactured is made of rare earth permanent magnet, the process is arranged according to the careful arrangement, the compliance with the manufacturing work difference and the strict quality management in every arrangement process, so people's controller system has high cost performance and high reliability, the brake motor, which has high precision and is highly praised in various manufacturing industries, is the latest type of permanent magnet brake car in the world. Compared with the general yellow type, it has the advantages of low noise, fast performance, long service life and small ironing, many advantages of low electricity consumption. Xingfengyuan electric 56 and 86 series stepping motors are equipped with high precision brakes, and other series can be customized according to customer regulations. People manufacturers wholesale and sales of stepper motors, stepper drives, stepper motors, rail stepper motors, deceleration stepper motors, stepper motors, Servo controllers, dealers Korea domochuan servo, TECO servo, dekos (TKS)Planetary reducer and its motion control products. Independently developed stepping motors commonly used in tapping machines. TAG stepping, braking
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