Before the development of stepping motors in the future

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-22
At present, the stepping motor widely used in the market is hybrid stepping motor (HB)And permanent magnet stepping motor (PM stepping motor). Basically eliminated. HB stepping motor can realize very accurate small incremental stepping motion, which can meet the requirements of complex and accurate linear motion control. PM stepping motor has relatively small torque and volume, low control accuracy and low output torque. It is a more economical choice. Due to technological development and industrial application requirements, PM stepping motors are divided into linear and rotary. The future prospect of stepping motors is that stepping motors have a wide range of applications, such as office automation, factory automation, medical equipment, measuring instruments, bank ATM equipment, automobiles, entertainment equipment, communication equipment, stage lighting and other fields. The rise of emerging industries, such as 3D printing, solar energy and automotive motor applications, has created new market space. The future development direction of stepping motors is from open loop to closed loop, integrating with drivers and servo systems. The development of stepper motor and driver integration, and BIDCM (Rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor) The development of AC servo motor system is two important trends. Stepping Motor gradually adopts full closed-loop control and has servo motor function. In the future, stepping motors will be smaller in size, higher in performance and more cost-effective. They will be used in batches for home devices, such as home robots and civil smart devices. With the progress of industrial automation, the demand for stepping motors in emerging economies is increasing. Stepping motors have penetrated into many economic fields and are still deepening, such as computers, communication equipment, office automation, industrial automation, banking equipment and other fields. In the future, many manufacturing and application fields involving people's daily clothing, food, housing and transportation are continuously upgrading, and emerging industries are emerging, which will put forward new requirements for stepping motors. According to the Institute of quasi-industrial research, 2018- 2023, China of step motor manufacturing market scale will keep 5. The average annual growth rate is 1%. Optimistic expectations, by 2023, the industry market is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan. TAG stepping, motor, motor development
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