Automation era of industry and service industry reached a climax

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
A few days ago, China's Ministry of Finance fiscal research director of the state-owned economy, tsinghua university, a visiting professor wen zongyu, held in wuhan city library & other; Entrepreneurship in wuhan & throughout; Series of public training for China's current economic development situation on expressed his view that China's industrialization process accelerating era, labor recruitment ended the era of low wages, industry and service industry automation era has officially started, after China's industrialization era has come. ” “ In 2014 economic development pressure is still large, there are changes in consumption structure all over the world. Currently accounts for 51% of the total industry in our country, industrial overcapacity is quite serious, iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass, shipbuilding and other industries especially overcapacity situation, reduce the proportion of industrial is imminent. ” Wen zongyu start expressed his concern about China's economic development situation. Wen zongyu introduced, as early as ten years ago the United States has entered the era of industrial automation. The use of industrial robots, home service automation, pension that occupy the home automation, military robot automation gradually replaced the use of artificial. All along, the proportion of industrial economy in China. Not only with the post-industrial contrast to the United States is such, rather than he is, compared to countries at the same stage of development. Domestic inflation in recent years rapid expansion, resulting in labor costs rose sharply. Low labor employment wage times came to an end, only fully open era of industry and service industry automation can conforms to the law of development of market economy, after China's industrialization era has come. So in the face of the fourth industrial revolution, the Chinese enterprises how to attack? Wen zongyu think entrepreneurs must take the initiative to deal with, and strive to lead. Attention to national policy, improve the brand marketing, strive to make international influence of the independent brand. At the same time promote the rapid development of information technology and automation technology, to develop the robot technology, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing technology. “ The fourth industrial revolution, people can return to the production, it is based on cloud computing, 3 d printing, development of many new technologies, new materials technology and so on had personality liberation. And in this new era, the existing business model, enterprise organization and values will become the inevitable extinction & lsquo; Dinosaurs & rsquo; 。 Therefore, we must seize the current key historical period, to adapt to the post-industrial era brought historic changes, efforts to achieve transformation and upgrading. ” Wen zongyu summed up.
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