Application value of closed loop stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2019-12-31
The application value and technological progress of closed-loop stepping motors are changing the cost performance between stepping motors and servo motors to meet various demanding industrial automation applications. By adopting closed-loop technology, cheaper stepping motors are entering some fields that are considered to be applicable only to more expensive servo motors. The closed-loop control of the motor refers to a control relationship in which the output of the controlled motor returns to the input terminal as the control in a certain way and exerts control influence on the input terminal. The output is fed back to the input and participates in the re-control of the output, which is the purpose of closed-loop control. This purpose is realized through feedback. The traditional view is that servo control system has advantages in applications requiring speed greater than 800 revolutions per minute and high dynamic response. Stepping motors are a better choice for applications that run at low speeds, generate medium and low accelerations, and require high holding torque. When the closed-loop stepping motors are overloaded to stall, they will remain without losing torque. After the blocking loads are removed, they continue to run. Under the condition that the position sensor ensures that the number of steps will not be lost, the maximum torque at any set speed can be guaranteed. Therefore, the selection of closed-loop stepping motors can be closely matched with the torque requirements of their applications without an additional allowance of 40%. For open-loop stepping motors, the requirement of high instantaneous torque is difficult to realize due to the risk of losing steps. The closed-loop stepping motor can achieve fast acceleration, can operate silently, has less resonance compared with the traditional stepping motor, and can operate at higher bandwidth. Designers of stepping motors integrate electronic systems with motors, which can reduce cable wiring, simplify the implementation process, and realize cabinet-free machines. Closed-loop stepping motor can change the cost performance of motion control. Superior precision and energy efficiency enable stepping motors to operate in areas dominated by more expensive servo motors. The closed-loop stepping motor can work in multi-axis applications, positioning tasks when load changes, and applications requiring silent operation, short stabilization time and high precision requirements. Related reading: servo driver parameter setting method, advantages of closed-loop stepping motor introduction TAG closed-loop stepping motor application value
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