Application Scope of deceleration stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
The application scope of deceleration stepping motor. Since the development of deceleration stepping motor industry, due to the gradual improvement of motor production technology, the scale of the industry is also expanding day by day, and the competition in the domestic reducer industry is very fierce. So the current reducer industry manufacturers want to have a good development prospect in the future, the most need to do is to improve the reducer technology, because only innovation is the cost for an enterprise to compete with its competitors in this industry. Now I 'd like to introduce its application scope to you. The deceleration stepping motor needs to improve the input pulse between the driving circuits of the stepping motor, which will slowly turn the stepping motor into low-speed motion. When the low-speed stepping motor is waiting for the next step instruction, the rotor will be in a stopped state. When the stepping motor is stepping at a low speed, the speed will shake greatly, if the step instruction is changed to high-speed operation at this time, then this can solve the problem of speed fluctuation, but the torque at this time will be insufficient. Under what circumstances do we generally use deceleration stepping motors? Stepping Motor is the frequency that can switch Stator phase current. It means that the torque will fluctuate at low speed, and the torque will not be insufficient at high speed. Before the three-phase hybrid stepping motor was not widely used, there were many equipment manufacturers that needed stepping motors to run at low speed, and only used deceleration stepping motors for low speed and stability. With the passage of time, the stepping motor has been greatly developed, because the implementation of the intermediate subdivision technology of the stepping motor driver and the good low-speed stability of the three-phase hybrid stepping motor itself, now it is no longer necessary to use the deceleration stepping motor just for low speed operation. Now there is a problem of how to speed up the variable frequency motor? In many application places, high-power stepping motors cannot be used due to the limitation of device space or cost, so the output shaft of the stepping motor is operated by direct-drive load, when the load inertia of the stepping motor is large, the stepping motor will have insufficient acceleration torque. This problem can be solved by using the deceleration stepping motor, in the case of wishing to use a low speed high torque power brake. In the above situation mentioned by the small Editor, The Reducer should be considered. The reducer required by the stepping motor requires small gear clearance, high strength impact resistance and high gear surface strength. Of course, if possible, domestic reducer enterprises can stick to the road of scientific and technological innovation, make innovation market-oriented, and timely adjust the development strategy within the enterprise, so as to seize the development opportunities of the enterprise in time, can achieve very rich corporate benefits. Do you need to know the selection of deceleration stepping motor? Related reading: the application of linear deceleration stepping motor in China, factors affecting deceleration stepping motor TAG deceleration stepping motor
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