Application of yingweiteng inverter in Double Twister

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-19
Introduction, as shown in Fig. 1, the composition of the double twisting machine includes the power part, the double twisting unit and the transmission part, which is one of the textile machinery and equipment. (1) Power section: Motor, control box, indicator and Operation panel. (2) Doubling unit: spindle brake device, doubling machine yarn winding device and special device of doubling unit, etc. Host structure and function: ① spindle brake device: mainly includes spindle drive belt, pulley and spindle brake pedal. ② The spindle part of the two-way twister: It mainly includes yarn storage and guiding spindles, spindles, Yarn tension devices, yarn withdrawal devices, air ring covers, separators, yarn guide hooks, yarn breakage stop hooks, etc. ③ Yarn winding device: inclined roller, overfeeding roller, yarn storage device, transverse yarn guide Hook, bobbin, lifting bobbin frame, bobbin tray, etc. Figure 1 host part figure 12 Next Page>
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