Application of stepping motor in milling machine

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-13
Four mechanical engineering students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are majoring in Bachelor of Science (B. SC. ) This project was created in the second year of the course as part of the mechatronics course. Laurens Valk, one of the founders, explained the essence of Arduino in the project:' The system uses Adafruit Motor Shield to run two stepping motors and Sparkfun EasyDriver to run the third stepping motor. The code run by Arduino listens for Matlab commands through USB. We have made some extensions to the code so that a third stepper motor and some other commands can be added. Most of the actual code is programmed in Matlab, and Arduino is the interface between the computer and the motor/sensor. 'We talked with Lawrence. This is an excerpt: When did you first hear about Arduino and when did you first start using it? Over the years, I have seen many Arduino projects, but this is the first time we have used it in projects. Personally, I usually use MINDSTORMS NXT to build robots, but this will work mechanically (Printer hardware)With real electronic devices (Arduino)A great opportunity to get together. How did you finally make milling machines/3D printers for your project? We chose to present our own design challenges and decided not to do standard exercises. Initially, we considered making (2D)Plotter or scanner. Then, we soon began to think about things other than 3D. One of the projects that inspired us was Arthur Sacek's Lego milling machine. The scanner and printer can still be used in 3D mode, but time is limited, so we chose the printer. Due to logistical reasons, all construction must be completed within one working week. In order to ensure timely completion, we have prepared many electronic equipment and software outside the laboratory. We finished the work in time, but unfortunately, we had to finish a complete print before we could open it. Not surprisingly, the results of waiting once and only a complete test run are very exciting. We can't see the result until we use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust. TAG stepper motor
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