Application of stepping motor in lighting project

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-15
The application of stepping motors in lighting projects is well known, stepper motor drivers are widely used in automatic control, precision machining, aerospace technology, consumer products, medical devices, robots, underwater facilities, textiles, semiconductor equipment, packaging machinery, handling machinery and factory automation. such as the need for precise positioning, high precision, automatic aiming and automatic recording. Today, I would like to share with you how ruite stepping motor can accurately change the illumination range in the technical field of LED lamps. Lamps currently used for illumination often cannot be accurately changed according to the needs of users in terms of illumination range and illumination angle. Once the lamp is installed, it is difficult to accurately change the angle and scope of light irradiation, such as the currently used lighting lamp (Courtyard lights, street lights, underground lights, lights, etc). However, the existing lamps and lanterns used for performances on the market partly change the color matching of the lights and the brightness of the lamps and lanterns to realize the change of the visual illumination range, its disadvantage is that changing the color matching of lights requires a large number of lamps. The frequent on and off of lamps greatly shortens their service life, and the design and installation are complicated and the economic cost is high; In essence, it is impossible to accurately adjust the irradiation direction and range of lamps. How to use a stable, practical and accurate device to change the illumination range and angle has become a problem to be solved in LED lamp technology. In order to solve the problem that the illumination range and angle are difficult to change under the existing technical conditions, the application of stepping motor in LED field arises at the historic moment. The new technical scheme of accurately changing the illumination range of LED is an LED lamp with stepping motor that can accurately change the illumination range, comprises a stepping motor, a rotating shaft, a high-power LED, a movable reflecting surface equipped with LED, and a fixed reflecting surface equipped with LED, the high-power LED is fixed on the movable reflecting surface, and the movable reflecting surface is installed and fixed on the rotating shaft behind it, the stepping motor is connected to the movable reflecting surface through a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft is installed on the support block obliquely or vertically or horizontally, and the position of the support block remains unchanged relative to the lamp housing. The fixed reflecting surface is fixed relative to the lamp housing. The stepping motor changes the movable reflecting surface by driving the rotation of the rotating shaft, thus changing the illumination range and angle. The stepping motor automatically drives the rotating shaft to rotate by receiving the signal from the control end, and the movable reflecting surface is connected to the rotating shaft, the precise rotation of the rotating shaft drives the movable reflecting surface to rotate in a certain direction and at a precise speed, thus obtaining the adjustment of the illumination direction and the change of the scope. The LED lamp with stepping motor is used, which can effectively solve the problem that the illumination range and angle are difficult to change accurately. After the ruite stepping motor is adopted, the lamp has the advantages of low noise, good stability, compact structure and small volume when working. Stepping motor and rotating shaft can accurately change the angle of light irradiation. The stepping motor driver is adopted to fix the ruite stepping motor on the LED lamp, which not only has simple structure, good stability and high accuracy, moreover, it can solve the technical problem that the illumination direction and illumination range of the existing lamps are difficult to accurately adjust. Related reading: How does handebao stepper motor control speed? Power related introduction of stepping motor TAG stepping motor, lighting project
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