Application of stepping motor in filling and sealing machine

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-15
The application of stepping motor in filling and sealing machine, stepping motor's economy in our country can be said to be one of the best in the world. The rapid economic development is naturally related to our industry, the motor industry has also made a lot of contributions to the rise of China, so we will take you to understand the application of stepping motor in filling and sealing machine. Stepping motor, I believe many people don't know much about China's filling and sealing machine, so I 'd better introduce it to you first, the filling and sealing machine is mainly used in cosmetics, light industry and daily chemical industry. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Therefore, the products of these industries are generally selected to use hoses or packaging containers, this equipment can fill the hose with materials such as ointment, cream, gel or viscosity fluid, so hot melt pressing at the tail of the hose will be carried out, and then the code will be printed, and at the same time, trimming and shaping can be carried out, in this way, the finished product is manufactured, and the speed control of the stepping motor needs to be realized through the input pulse frequency, so when the frequency of this pulse decreases, the speed of the stepping motor will decrease. When the frequency increases, the speed will naturally increase. Therefore, in the packaging machine, the stepping motor is used to drive the actuator, not only can the packaging mechanical structure become very simple, but also its adjustment is convenient and reliability can be greatly increased, and the accuracy has been greatly improved. Therefore, the working process of the stepping motor in the filling and sealing machine is to pass through the pipe bin (Hose container)Then at & rarr; Followed by automatic tube loading & rarr; Then in the calibration position & rarr; Hose internal cleaning (Option)& rarr; Filling & rarr; Tail hot melt & rarr; Press closure, typing code & rarr; Hose positioning & rarr; Shear & rarr; The discharge of finished products is controlled by PLC program according to the working principle of this stepping motor in the filling and sealing machine, the automatic upper tube, color code positioning, air cleaning space in the tube, and the need for the injection nozzle to go deep into the tube to fill, so that the inner wall of the tube tail is heated by hot air, and the outer wall of the tube tail is cooled. (Refrigeration water machine drainage cycle) , And then hot melt pressing typing code, tail shearing, finished product discharge, digital display of parameters, in the filling and sealing machine, the most critical step is to position the hose, and this uses a stepping motor, the positioning can be more accurate, and the control accuracy will be higher. For example, we set the rotation speed of the stepping motor in advance, so that the color code mode is equipped with a photoelectric switch, the photoelectric switch detects the position of the color code. When the color code is detected, the control switch signal is issued, and then the stepping motor presses the signal and starts to stop rotating, in this way, after a certain period of delay, and then go to the rotation, so that the cycle can be guaranteed to accurately locate according to the position of the color code, the effect is very good. For more questions about stepping motor, brushless motor, stepping driver, brushless driver, stepping motor driver and brushless motor driver, please visit the official website of Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd for consultation. Related reading: Advantages of Luohu stepping motor, photoelectric encoder TAG stepping motor of stepping motor, filling and sealing machine
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