Application of stepping motor in copier

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-16
Copying machines use the most Motors in OA machines, and their structures are as follows. Stepping motors, brushless motors or DC motors are generally used in copying machines. This paper focuses on the application of stepping motor in copier. It can be connected with computers, word processors and other microprocessors through interfaces, becoming an important part of local area networks. Multi-function, colorization, miniaturization and high speed are still its important development directions. Motor application of copier 1. Scanner motor the scanner motor is used to read the original, the original is placed in parallel, and the moving light source and the like reciprocate to read the data. At this time, if the speed of the drive motor changes, the quality of copying will decrease, so the vibration and speed fluctuation of the motor are required to be small. Of course, due to indoor use, low noise motors are also required. The number of copies represents the processing capacity of the copier and determines the rotating speed of the motor. When reading, the scanning speed should be low, the vibration should be small, the speed should be fast when returning to the starting point, the positioning should be accurate, and the rotation speed and torque should be high. Therefore, stepping motors should be used in the range of low speed hundreds of rpm to high speed thousands of rpm, and constantly run forward and backward in trapezoidal or triangular drive mode. Compared with the brushless motor, the scanner motor can instantly reach the synchronous speed, I . e. the rising characteristic is good, the acceleration stroke is not needed, the vibration is low, and the speed fluctuation is small. If high speed and high torque are required, most of them use three-phase stepping motors. 2. Lens, lens drive motor lens and lens drive motor are used for expanding and reducing position positioning during copying. Most of them use HB or PM stepping motors with diameter. DC motors can also be used for position positioning. 3. The motor used to drive the cylinder. The copy cylinder of the copier rotates at a low speed below 100 rpm. At this time, the rotation speed fluctuation of the cylinder will reduce the Copy quality, so the drive motor requires small rotation speed fluctuation. Generally, a DC brushless motor with a rated speed of 1500rpm is used, which is reduced to a speed below 100rpm through a speed reducer. If two phases 1 are used. 8 ° The stepping motor is directly driven and cannot meet the requirement of cylinder speed fluctuation when running at a speed below 100 rpm. 4. Paper feeding motor. Paper feeding motor generally uses DC motor or low-cost PM stepping motor. 5. Other drive motor Toner mixing motors mostly use induction motors or DC motors, and imaging Motors mostly use DC motors. TAG stepper motor, copier
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