Application of stepping motor in centrifuge

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
The application of stepping motor in centrifuge, today Rui Te electromechanical small tape show you about the application of stepping motor in centrifuge, first of all, this centrifuge is driven by motor and still rotates at high speed, if the DC stepping motor centrifuge with carbon brush rotates at high speed, it will cause wear and tear over time, even Sparks and noise and vibration, if there is, its life will be reduced, so it is necessary to change the brush at this time. The most important thing is to bring pollution to the environment, so it is necessary to pay attention to those with high requirements. Therefore, when the rotor rotates at high speed, air friction will generate heat, so that the temperature of the rotor will always rise, and the temperature of the sample in the natural test tube will also rise, the main reason is that biological samples are very sensitive to this temperature, so it is generally required to keep this temperature at 4℃ when doing centrifugal experiments. Due to the lack of computer-controlled intelligent technology, it is difficult and impossible to achieve such precision, so such a refrigerator is used to cool the centrifugal chamber, and then the cooling rotor is reached, so that the purpose of cooling the sample temperature can be achieved, however, it is very difficult to measure the actual temperature of the rotating rotor, so temperature sensors are embedded at the bottom of the centrifugal cavity or closer to the rotor at home and abroad, then the temperature of the rotor is measured indirectly, so that the blood type centrifuge T can be compensated and divided into rotor categories. In this way, the rotation speed and operation time are all related. For more questions about stepping drivers, stepping motors, brushless motors and brushless drives, please visit the official website of Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd for consultation. Related reading: How should the photoelectric encoder stepping driver and stepping motor of stepping motor match the TAG stepping motor centrifuge?
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