Application of Sifang electric E580 inverter in shield machine

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-24
Shield machine, fully called shield tunneling machine, is a special construction machine for tunneling. Modern shield tunneling machine integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology, involving Geology, civil engineering, machinery, mechanics, hydraulic, electrical, control, measurement and other disciplines and technologies, moreover, it is necessary to carry out 'tailor-made' design and manufacture according to different geology, which requires extremely high reliability. Therefore, the frequency converters of shield machinery and equipment manufacturers have always adopted imported brands, which are expensive. Recently, Sifang E580 series inverter was successfully applied to a state-owned shield machine equipment manufacturer, replacing the original imported brand and improving the cost performance of the company's products. Scheme introduction for the whole cutter head drive device, the main station PLC and (From Station)Communication of cutter head PLC. The main station PLC puts specific control instructions ( Such as cutter head start-stop, frequency value, torque limit value, etc) It is transmitted to the cutter head PLC, which controls the frequency converter to drive the cutter head Motor to perform specific actions. At the same time, the cutter head PLC will change the status of the frequency converter and the cutter head Motor ( Frequency, torque, voltage, current and other status bit data)Transmitted to master station PLC. In addition, circuit breaker, thermal relay, PLC, inverter's own state, cooling water flow protection, cutter head seal and main bearing temperature abnormality protection, network state abnormality protection, PLC abnormality and other protection moments run through the system operation. Process Requirements 1. The instantaneous output torque is large and the overload capacity is strong; 2. Quick response; 3. The system runs stably and reliably. Scheme advantage 1. E580 has super overload capacity and can easily face the sudden change of load during vulcanization and pressurization; 2. Adjust the output power timely according to the actual load, and the energy saving effect is remarkable; 3. It has various perfect protection functions to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.
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