Application of servo system in packaging detection instrument

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-16
With the continuous maturity of technology and the improvement of standard requirements, servo motor technology is widely used in various fields with its excellent performance. Servo system (Servo mechanism) Also known as the follow-up system, it is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a process. The servo system enables the output controlled quantity such as the position, orientation and State of the object to follow the input target (Or given value)The automatic control system of any change. Its main task is to amplify, transform and control the power according to the requirements of the control command, so that the torque, speed and position control of the drive device output is very flexible and convenient. In many cases, the servo system refers specifically to the controlled amount (Output of the system) It is a feedback control system for mechanical displacement or displacement velocity and acceleration. The servo system has unparalleled superiority. First, the stability is good. After the disturbance used on the system disappears, the system can be restored to the original stable state or under the action of the input command signal, the ability of the system to achieve a new stable operating state can reach a new or return to the original equilibrium state after a short adjustment process under the given input or external interference; Secondly, the accuracy is high: the accuracy of the servo system refers to the accuracy of the output amount that can follow the input amount; Then there is a good quick response, which has two meanings. One refers to the rapid change of output with input instruction signals during dynamic response, second, it refers to the speed of the end of the dynamic response process. Fast responsiveness is one of the signs of dynamic quality of servo system, that is, it requires fast response to tracking command signals. On the one hand, it requires short transition time, generally within 200ms or even less than tens of milliseconds; In addition, the servo system has high energy saving. Due to the rapid response of the servo system, the instrument can quickly adjust the supply according to its own needs, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of the instrument's electric energy, thus achieving high efficiency and energy saving. Looking at the current testing machine industry, such as internationally renowned experiments, Inston, Zwick, TA, the new thinking (Current MTS) In the application of electronic pull drive mode, the servo drive system is selected without exception, which to some extent confirms the excellent performance of the servo drive system, as well as the high requirements and strict standards of many international brands for their product performance, it also points out the direction for the development of domestic electronic cheerleaders. Compared with the internationally renowned brands mentioned above, it is rare to apply servo systems in the field of packaging inspection in China, although it is well known that Servo motor driving has many advantages that ordinary Motors cannot match, however, because the servo motor is several times higher than the price cost of the ordinary motor, many packaging and testing instrument manufacturers are inferior in the choice, and choosing high quality is bound to bring high cost; Choosing compression costs can only sacrifice product performance. A high-quality electronic tension machine requires not only accurate force measurement system, but also accurate speed and displacement accuracy. However, the tension machine driven by ordinary motor has great performance limitations, low test efficiency and inability to control and adjust accurately or at any speed. The servo drive can realize instantaneous forward and reverse rotation, and the test and return response speed is fast. The experimental speed can be set arbitrarily, and can meet the test requirements of various materials at the same time, therefore, the servo drive tension machine can solve the above problems well, making the whole test process fast, efficient and accurate. After comparison, for the same test project, the servo motor is about 2 times the efficiency of the ordinary motor, the noise is 10 decibels lower, and there is no displacement accumulation deviation. However, due to the inability to reverse the ordinary motor instantly, the middle of the commutation should stay for at least 5 seconds, otherwise the circuit main board will burn out, resulting in instrument failure. SK testing Technology Co. , Ltd. TSL-1001 electronic tensile testing machine, TSL- 1003 electronic tensile testing machine, applied to high-precision testing of mechanical indexes of food and drug packaging materials, is a model of servo drive system application in the field of packaging testing instruments. TSL- The 1001 electronic tensile testing machine integrates patents and other independent intellectual property Technologies. It adopts computer and embedded system composite control, and selects high-precision imported force sensor and high-performance imported servo drive system, meet the accurate calculation of test speed and displacement.
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