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Application of plastic sheet machine and cup making machine production line


Due to the large output torque, strong load carrying capacity, high speed accuracy, flexible communication network functions and other product features. V&T frequency converter is widely used in the production line of plastic sheet and cup making machine.

This production line consists of two parts: a plastic sheet unit and a hydraulic cup unit. As shown below:

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1. In the plastic sheet unit, it is divided into three small parts, namely:
1) the machine head: plastic extrusion part
2) the fuselage: sheet calendering
3) the tail: sheet winding part

In these three parts, the inverter is mainly used for speed regulation. According to the requirements of its production process, inverters with different powers are used.
◆ Handpiece: The plastic extrusion part selects the frequency converter according to the size of the extruded rod of plastic. The 120 is usually equipped with 55KW asynchronous motor and V5-H-4T-55G inverter! V&T Inverter adopts external terminal control, and external motor tachometer can timely feedback the production speed of plastic extrusion on the control console! Due to the requirements of the production process, the POP plastic is continuously heated and plasticized in the sleeve. The rod is driven by the motor through the continuous extrusion of the sleeve by the mast. It is necessary to adjust the motor speed to be uniformly plasticized. The plastic is extruded, which requires the inverter to have stable speed regulation performance and large torque output capability. V&T inverter has such characteristics and can meet the process requirements very well!
◆ Body: The calendered part of the sheet is extruded through a flat mold due to the plasticized plastic. It is flattened in sheet form. At this time, it is pressed into a thick and uniform plastic sheet by a calendering unit. The inverter drives the rolling motor to rotate. Drive three opposing cylinders through the chain drive! The flat sheet passes through the barrel and is squeezed and cooled on the one hand, and transmitted on the other hand, continuously outputting the standard plastic sheet! In the calendering process, the 4KW motor selected has a large overload capacity due to the large extrusion friction force in the pressing process. V&T inverter has an overload capacity of 150%/60S.
◆ Machine tail: sheet winding part
A steady stream of plastic sheets coming out of the calendering unit must be piled up in small cylinders for stacking, transporting, and pressing the finished unit! The winding is driven by a 2. 2KW motor, equipped with a 2. 2KW inverter, according to the speed of sheet metal forming, timely distortion, to maintain production synchronization! The inverter only plays the role of speed regulation! V&T frequency converter, small size, easy to assemble!

2. In the hydraulic cup making unit, V&T 30KW inverter is selected. The plastic sheet is softened by the heating plate of the unit and quickly extruded through the finished mold to form a finished product, which is delivered to the package. Stacked units! Analyze the application of the frequency converter in the unit from the perspective of mechanical transmission! The pressed product is made by twisting two mutually overlapping molds with a soft plastic sheet. The overlap of the molds is up and down. This requires the use of a cam mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the motor into up and down motion! The up and down movement of the cam mechanism produces a large inertia, requiring a large torque of the frequency converter, and also requires the brake unit and braking resistor to be configured! V&T Inverter has to bear constant changes in the load in this unit, and it will run continuously for a long time without failure!

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