Application of inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-14
With the improvement of frequency conversion technology, the application of AC motor is becoming more and more extensive. The use of frequency conversion speed regulation can improve the control accuracy, production efficiency and product quality of production machinery, which is conducive to the automation of production process, the AC drag system has excellent control performance and has significant energy saving effect in many production occasions. China's motor power consumption accounts for 60% of the country's power generation ~ 70%, the annual power consumption of fans and water pump equipment accounts for 1/3 of the national power consumption. The main reason for this situation is that the traditional speed regulation method of fan, water pump and other equipment is to adjust the air supply and water supply by adjusting the opening of the baffle and valve at the inlet or outlet, the input power is high, and a large amount of energy is consumed in the process of intercepting the baffle and valve. Since most of the fans and pumps are bungalow torque loads, the shaft power is related to the rotation speed. Therefore, when the speed of the fan and the pump decreases, the power consumed is also greatly reduced, so the energy saving potential is very large, the most effective energy-saving measure is to use the frequency conversion governor to adjust the flow rate, and the power saving rate of the frequency converter is 20% ~ 50%, with remarkable benefits. Many machines require the motor to be able to speed up due to process requirements. In the past, due to the difficulty in speed regulation of AC motors, DC speed regulation was used in occasions with high speed regulation performance requirements. However, DC has complex winter structure, large volume and difficult maintenance. Therefore, with the maturity of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, AC speed regulation is gradually replacing DC speed regulation, which often requires quantity and direct torque control to meet various process requirements. By dragging the motor with a frequency converter, the starting current is small, soft starting and stepless speed regulation can be realized, and acceleration and deceleration control can be conveniently carried out, so that the motor can obtain high performance and greatly save electric energy, therefore, frequency converters have been more and more widely used in industrial production and life.
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