Application of DC Brushless Servo Motor in laser welding robot

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-04
With the rapid development in the field of metal processing, metal welding is facing more and more challenges. For example, the shape of workpieces is increasingly complex, and customers have higher and higher requirements for welding quality, at the same time, the demand for more personalized samples is becoming more and more vigorous. Facing these challenges, the robot laser welding system has become an ideal choice for customers. Faulhaber DC Brushless Servo motor provides unique conditions for the laser welding robot workstation to challenge higher configuration. Laser welding is more and more widely used. At present, Kuka laser welding robot workstation is widely used, including sheet metal processing, automobile, kitchen equipment, electronic engineering, medical treatment or mold manufacturing. In addition to laser welding, laser brazing, laser cold/hot wire feeding welding and laser composite welding have also greatly expanded the application fields of laser, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for servo, integrated control and other fields, AC/DC servo motors are also widely used in industrial robots due to their high starting torque, large torque and low inertia. The non-flow straight Brush Motor is the ideal choice. The repetition accuracy of the robot KukaKR30HA used in the Kuka laser welding robot workstation is /-0. 05mm, HA in the name represents'High precision'. The laser system can use welding lens, cutting lens, scanning welding lens and even laser cladding head. Due to the magnetic coupling connection mode, different lenses can be quickly switched with each other. The robot's load-bearing capacity is 30 kg, which can drive 2000 × in the lens. 1000 ×Move within 700. For scanning welding, a robot system with a negative weight of 100 must be selected due to the larger lens weight. Faulhaber dc Brushless Servo Motor 2444. . . B these operations put forward higher requirements for brushless motor controller in motor performance control, especially Robot end effector (Claws) It is necessary to adopt a motor with as small volume and mass as possible, especially when fast response is required, the servo motor must have high reliability and can withstand harsh operating conditions at the same time, carry out very frequent forward and reverse operations and acceleration and deceleration operations, and can withstand overload in a short time. Faulhaber dc Brushless Servo Motor series faulhaber dc Brushless Servo Motor brings great convenience to Kuka welding robot. It has a compact structure and can meet the requirements of high-performance applications. In addition, it adopts high-efficiency slotless design, with high torque or high rotation speed, small volume and light weight; It also has high dynamic acceleration and deceleration characteristics; The noise is low and various sensors can be selected. Related reading: How does the motor work, bipolar stepping motor drive circuit TAG servo motor, DC brushless, laser welding robot
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