Application of closed loop stepping motor in high speed automatic bonding machine

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
Application of closed-loop stepping motor in high-speed automatic wire bonding machine high-speed automatic wire bonding machine is a highly difficult and very complex opto-electromechanical machine with computer control, motion control, image processing, network communication and multiple XY platforms. integrated equipment, the key part of z-axis motor requires high response, no impact, low vibration and high efficiency, and the mechanical structure is synchronous belt and lead screw guide rail, which is a transmission mode combining high rigidity and high flexibility. Moreover, there is a difficulty that the load is light when the Z axis moves downward and heavy when it moves upward. In order to solve this problem, a certain equipment manufacturer has adopted three schemes. Stepping Motor, closed-loop stepping motor, although the traditional stepping motor has the advantages of low cost and simple use, under the condition of barely meeting the requirements of high speed, the vibration of the motor causes the vibration of the whole equipment, the running noise of the motor is also large, and the machining accuracy is not high. The customer can barely accept the effect of product processing, but the customer cannot accept the noise and vibration when the equipment is running. The operation characteristics of Z axis of servo motor determine that the upward movement load is heavy and the downward movement load is light. Fixed and single gain parameters of servo motor cannot adapt to this occasion. Due to frequent forward and reverse rotation operation, moreover, the operating distance is short, so even if two gain switching methods are adopted, this problem cannot be well solved. When the customer initially adopted a 200 watt servo motor of a brand in Taiwan, in order to meet the high response, the parameter adjustment of the servo motor was very rigid, resulting in the coupling breaking even under the condition of high frequency movement. After switching to a Japanese brand 100 watt servo motor, due to certain differences in the mechanical assembly of each equipment, the adjustment of servo motor parameters of each equipment is very time-consuming and laborious, it is even impossible to find parameters with good operation effect, even if the curve of servo motor manufacturer is used as a reference for parameter adjustment, it is of no help. Z axis: Vertical Up and down accuracy: encoder accuracy 10000 pulses/turn, mechanical structure: Synchronous belt, lead screw, guide rail, lead screw pitch: 5mm motion distance: about 1/3 rpm, synchronous belt reduction ratio: 1: 1 Operation Requirements: frequent positive reversal, that is, frequent up and down movement, closed-loop stepping motor, using sharp Motor closed-loop stepping motor Ezi-SERVO- After 56 M, it is as simple and easy as using traditional stepping motors. Operating parameters: the initial speed of the closed-loop stepping motor is 3rps, the operating speed is 48rps, and the acceleration and deceleration time is 0. 05 s, no-load simulation speed can be 11 K, the actual processing speed can be 8. 5 K, long-term working temperature is about 52 degrees. The customer highly recognizes the overall cost performance, thinks that the closed-loop stepping motor debugging is simple, has almost no requirements for debugging personnel and after-sales service personnel, has no vibration and noise when the equipment is running, and has stable and smooth operation effect, the machining accuracy is the same as that of servo motor, and there is almost no requirement for the assembly accuracy of machinery. TAG closed-loop stepping motor high-speed automatic wire bonding machine
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