Application and prospect of distributed inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-26
February 23 ~ On the 24th, the 'Zhangjiakou investment potential mining and Innovation Technology Promotion Conference' was held ceremoniously in Zhangjiakou International Hotel. Yi Qiang, director of shangeng electric strategic planning department, was invited to attend the meeting and deliver a keynote speech 'application and prospect of distributed photovoltaic inverter scheme. In 2016, China's new photovoltaic installed capacity was 34. 54GW, ranking first for four consecutive years, accounting for 47gw of the world's new installed capacity. China has become the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturer and application country, on the one hand, the photovoltaic 'leader' plan led by the National Energy Administration gives full play to the participation of market players and promotes the development and application of advanced technologies. On the other hand, it continuously improves the photovoltaic manufacturing level in China, further consolidate the advantages of photovoltaic manufacturing in China. Yi Qiang said that the photovoltaic industry is still in a period of constant change. These changes come from the adjustment of national policies, from changes in the application market, and from technological development and transformation, enterprises must adapt to this change and always provide customers with the most valuable products and services. Photovoltaic upstream and downstream enterprises should also work together to use innovative technologies and programs to continuously reduce costs, improve return on investment, and promote photovoltaic power generation parity online. It is understood that through the promotion and large-scale application in recent years, the distributed inverter scheme launched by shangeng Electric is gradually becoming the backbone of the photovoltaic leader. In the 'leader' demonstration base of photovoltaic in Datong, Shanxi province, shangeng electric successfully won the bidding for photovoltaic projects of owners such as Tongmei, Huadian, Jingneng, Three Gorges New Energy, China Energy Conservation and Chint, and shipped 231MW of photovoltaic inverters, comprehensive Ranking machine (Distributed inverter centralized inverter)First. In the leader project of Datong, the distributed solution has been proved to have great advantages in power generation and cost, and has been fully recognized by the Energy Bureau, the Water Planning Institute and the owners, many manufacturers of the leader project in 2016 also won the bid because of the binding of distributed solutions. The Jiangsu leader project in 2016, Huaneng Jiangsu Taicang project took the lead in construction. It can provide Huaneng with a 40MW 2MW distributed inverter scheme. The project is expected to become the first grid-connected project among the 2016 leaders. Yi Qiang pointed out, 'it is very gratifying that recently some component manufacturers are constantly promoting intelligent photovoltaic modules, in fact, using intelligent photovoltaic modules (Photovoltaic Module DC Optimizer) The photovoltaic power generation system itself is an application exception of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system, and also belongs to the distributed MPPT and centralized inverter. Of course, due to the high cost of DC Optimizer, its failure rate is much higher than that of photovoltaic modules, and its comprehensive cost performance is not high, which is not suitable for large photovoltaic power stations. However, once the intelligent photovoltaic module is developed and matured, the distributed inverter scheme on the energy will be more widely used. '12 Next Page>
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