Application advantages of DC stepping motor in industrial robot

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-05
The application advantages of DC stepping motor in industrial robots, motor (DC motor, micro motor, geared motor) The joint used to drive the robot requires the maximum power mass ratio and torque inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia and wide and smooth speed regulation range. Especially like Robot end actuators (Claws) Motors with as small volume and mass as possible (DC motor, micro motor, geared motor) , Especially when fast response is required, servo motor must have high reliability and large short-term overload capability. Specific use requirements: rapidity (DC motor, micro motor, geared motor). The starting torque inertia ratio is large. The continuity and straightness of the control characteristics, with the change of the control signal, the rotation speed of the motor can change continuously, and sometimes the rotation speed needs to be proportional to or approximately proportional to the control signal. Speed range wide. Small volume, small mass and short axial dimension. Can withstand harsh operating conditions, can carry out very frequent forward and reverse operation and deceleration operation, and can withstand overload in a short time. At present, AC and DC servo motors with high starting torque, large torque and low inertia are widely used in industrial robots. Other motors, such as AC servo motor, DC motor, geared motor and stepping motor, will also be applied to industrial robots according to different application requirements. For details, please refer to: DC motor, micro motor, geared motor) For more product consulting needs, please contact Shenzhen ruite Electromechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Main products: stepping Motor, linear stepping motor, stepping servo stepping driver, stepping motor driver, integrated stepping brake stepping motor, waterproof stepping motor, brushless motor, servo motor and other types of stepping motors, welcome to inquire. Related reading: What is the difference between the performance of stepping motor and stepping motor? Step motor driver test method tag dc step motor
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