Analysis on development trend of inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-23
Frequency converters are used in many industries. The technical content of frequency converters is getting higher and higher. With the development of electronic technology, the frequency converter market has increased year by year in recent years, and the performance of frequency converters is getting higher and higher, what is the development trend of frequency converter? The application of frequency converter has a history of more than 200 years. Now the volume of frequency converter tends to be small. How do we judge the performance of a frequency converter? 1. It depends on the energy loss (I . e. efficiency)How big. 2. It depends on its harmonic pollution and input power factor to the power grid. 3. Look at the influence degree of harmonic of its output AC voltage on the motor. The development trend of frequency converter is driven by: AC, networking and intelligence. As an important power conversion component of the system, frequency converter has developed rapidly by providing controllable high-performance variable voltage and variable frequency AC power supply. Inverter has the basic functions of voltage regulation, frequency modulation, voltage stabilization, speed regulation, AC-Direct current- Alternating current is the development trend of frequency converter: 1. The control method of pulse width modulation variable voltage frequency converter can use sine wave pulse width modulation (SPWM) PWM control, current tracking control, voltage space vector control (Flux tracking control). 2. The power switching elements of the main circuit are self-shutdown, modular and intelligent, the switching frequency is continuously improved, and the switching loss is further reduced. The development direction of frequency converter is generally more and more intelligent. Frequency converter is used to save electricity. Motors equipped with frequency converter can save 15%-electricity according to working conditions- 65%, if the power consumption of the enterprise is very large, the remaining power consumption is very amazing. China is a big industrial country, and there will be more and more places to use frequency converters. The market potential of frequency converters in China is very huge. However, the inverter market gap is very large now, and the inverter market will get better and better in the future. More professional frequency converters will also be born with the development of science and technology.
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