Analysis of future development of Inverter Industry

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-14
The inverter is an electric power control device that converts the power frequency power supply to another frequency by using the on-off effect of the power semiconductor device. The frequency converter we are using now mainly adopts AC-Straight-Delivery Method (VVVF frequency conversion or vector control frequency conversion) First, the power frequency AC power supply is converted into a DC power supply through a rectifier, and then the DC power supply is converted into an AC power supply with controllable frequency and voltage to supply the motor. Analysis of the future development trend of China's inverter industry, the development trend of inverter technology has experienced about 30 years of research and development and application practice. With the application of new power electronic devices and high-performance microprocessors and the development of control technology, the performance-price ratio of the inverter is getting higher and higher, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the manufacturer is still continuously improving the reliability to achieve further small, lightweight, high performance and multi-functionality of the inverter, as well as no public error. Make new efforts. The performance of the frequency converter depends on the influence of harmonics of its output AC voltage on the motor, the harmonic pollution to the power grid and the input power factor, and the energy loss and consumption (That is, efficiency). In terms of topology of the main circuit of the inverter: the network-side converter of the inverter often uses a 6-pulse converter for low-voltage small-capacity, while the medium-voltage large-capacity converter uses a multi-weighting converter of more than 12 pulses. The load-side converter often uses a two-level bridge inverter for low-voltage small-capacity, and a multi-level inverter for medium-voltage large-capacity. According to '2014- Analysis report on market prospect and investment strategic planning of China's inverter industry in 2018: AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology is a comprehensive technology of strong and weak current mixing and electromechanical integration, which not only needs to deal with the conversion of huge electric energy (Rectifier, inverter) , But also to deal with the collection, transformation and transmission of information.
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